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Modern Family Doctor is a one-stop solution for outpatient health care. The Family Doctor Clinics in Bangalore were born for bridging the gaps in the current healthcare ecosystem with the adoption of best practices and the latest technology. The family doctor has touched over 2 Million lives and is always looking forward to serve many more.


Since recent times, healthcare providers have been focusing on revolutionising the kind of experience patients get. Care that used to take place only in brick-and-mortar settings can now occur digitally. This is also why many hospitals and healthcare providers are looking for different virtual care models, many of which are underpinned by telehealth technology.

Telehealth has been crucial to the country’s Coronavirus response and the pandemic has further pushed to make it a permanent part of the healthcare system. The Indian Government Authorities have also recognised that telehealth has the ability to expand access to care, improve the efficiency of care, and has been an essential tool for enabling patients to continue to receive care at a time when in-person appointments are not advisable for public health reasons.



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, patients are facing a hard time in reaching out to the family physicians or specialists for medical help since the lockdown prevents them from making in-person visits to the hospital or clinic. Considering the current situation, Modern Family Doctor (MFD) has decided to introduce teleconsultation through their existing app (“TheFamilyDoc”). Besides ensuring teleconsultation is seamlessly integrated within the app for a one-stop experience, MFD also needs to ensure it complies with HIPAA standard when transmitting PHI.



Integration of EnableX secure and scalable Video & Audio Communication capabilities including Chat within the “TheFamilyDoc” App



Even though MFD already had a fully functional app for a year, which was used by their patients, it lacked an important element of doctor-patient online consultation. To bridge this growing gap, MFD team has leveraged on EnableX’s carrier-grade platform and APIs to integrate Video & Audio Communication capabilities including Chat in “TheFamilyDoc” App. This brought significant changes for patients, doctors and everyone associated with the app. Here’s how-


Difference for Patients

Telehealth app

  • One-stop convenience- With “TheFamilyDoc” app now being a one-stop solution, patients can use the app to check doctor’s profile, book appointments, receive virtual face-to-face consultation and get doctor’s prescription, thereby, drastically improving their experience.
  • Increase access to care– Patients now are no longer restricted by mobility or geography. With video consultancy, patient can access to 100+ medical specialists and doctors within the comfort and privacy of their home.
  • Freedom to communicate- Using EnableX Video Communications in the MFD app, doctors and patients are now able to interact better. Since they get the freedom to choose between Video and Audio consultation, this has increased patients’ trust and satisfaction with the app. With the Chat option also being available during consultation, they get an additional benefit to share treatment-related details with the concerned doctor.
  • Reduce the risk of infection- Visiting the hospital/clinic means being in close proximity with people who may be sick. Conducting virtual consultations with doctors eliminates the risk of picking up an infection at the doctor’s office.
  • Save time and cost– Patients are also able to save cost of travelling and reduce unnecessary waiting time in the hospital or clinic.


Difference for MFD

  • Expanded reach to patients – After the Video/Audio API integration, the doctors can be consulted by patients from all walks – both within and outside the country, without distance barrier.
  • Virtual Clinic Platform – Since MFD is offering Virtual Clinic Platform, number of specialists from other leading medical institutions also practice in the same space which helps the patients to consult more doctors and increased footfalls for MFD.
  • Improved engagement- The overall patient engagement has significantly improved as they are now receiving instant virtual consultation related to health concerns, grievance redressal, information regarding treatment prescription, etc. Even the doctors working on the new platform agree that they are able to communicate with their patients in a much more convenient manner.
  • HIPPA-compliant solution-The EnableX solutions also ensure that the personal health information (PHI) and proprietary data is throughout protected in accordance with the HIPAA regulations.
  • Fewer no-shows– There has been a 30% decrease in no-show and last-minute cancellations. Factors that cause a no show such as traffic jam and unable to take time off from work are minimized with video consultation.

With advanced communication capabilities of, MFD witnessed 30% decrease in no-show and last-minute cancellations


The EnableX Experience

Suresh Babu, COO of Modern Family Doctor, expressed his experience by saying, “EnableX’s secure communication platform has made it simpler for the patients to connect better using our app. The scalable and easy to use EnableX API and toolkits together with comprehensive documentation made it convenient for us to embed the video/voice channel including chat within our app in a short time, without us needing to create our own infrastructure.

The EnableX team holds up their word and works proactively to meet the results.”


What’s Coming Next

To offer their users the freedom to choose which communication channels they prefer, Modern Family Doctor aims to host Omnichannel communications with EnableX’s proficiency. They want to set up multi-party calls for different situations, such as involving an additional healthcare specialist or patient relative in a different geography, that help serve every patient care better.


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