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Ascra Technologies is a technology and marketing company. It offers web and mobile application development, website and user interface design, IT consulting, search engine optimization (SEO) services, and more. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Mumbai, India, the firm focuses on building simple and intuitive applications for the web to build modern system and deliver powerful solutions.


The digital age has brought a radical shift for both consumers and businesses. While consumers have moved dramatically towards online channels, businesses have started making efforts to accelerate their digital transformation. And this is where ASCRA Technology comes in – to provide innovative online solutions to organisations, helping them drive personalised engagement and optimise their customer experience.


In order to embrace digital transformation, businesses face the challenge to find an economical, efficient communication solution that caters to their needs. They need a partner who can help them seamlessly integrate high-quality communications channels within their customer-centric applications for an in-app experience.


EnableX Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS). Built on top of WebRTC, EnableX’s suite of easy-to-implement Communication APIs empower ASCRA to rapidly add Video Calls within their enterprise SaaS solutions, enhancing customer experience.


For businesses to grow and globalise, establishing and maintaining a frictionless, quality communication with customers is important. This is where Live Video comes into play, especially now when the world is no more reliant on in-person, face-to-face interaction.

By combining EnableX’s real-time video with their resourceful app solutions, ASCRA propelled clients to breakout performance and bridge the communication gap. Here are some cost-effective solutions that ASCRA has built for their customers using EnableX APIs:

  • Real-time video chat for Retailers-Previously, ASCRA’s retailers and wholesaler clients relied heavily on in-person customer  Now, with the real-time video chat, customers can connect with an agent or Sales Representative anytime and anywhere. The Sales Representative can showcase different designs, co-browse together, conduct demos, etc. The two-way video calling also allows agents to view customer emotion and express empathy, both verbally and visually. This facilitates a much higher quality relationship and mutual understanding.
  • Video-enabled KYC-ASCRA also developed Video eKYC solutions in real-time using EnableX Video API. The verification process helps multiple businesses including banks, corporate industries, etc. to achieve compliance especially in remote location, reduce onboarding cost for prospective employees or customers and in the end, create a measurable impact. The video-empowered eKYC is not only cost-effective but also ensures a better user experience while still maintaining the process-adherence.
  • One-stop healthcare solution-While the use of telemedicine to provide medical-care is not new, ever since the emergence of COVID-19, it has rather become an integral step. ASCRA used EnableX Video and Chat API to develop a web application for one of its healthcare clients to offer a one-stop healthcare solution. Now the patients can use the app to search for a specific doctor, schedule an appointment and through the video chat, get online consultation. Patients could also use the in-app messaging as an alternative to receive medical advice from doctors. This end-to-end user experience saves the patients from the unnecessary effort of switching through multiple applications.

The EnableX Experience

Priti Aggarwal, CEO, ASCRA Technologies, expressed her experience by saying, “Right from understanding the documentation to embedding the communication channels, working with EnableX team has been a smooth sail for us at ASCRA. They provide scalable and easy-to-use APIs and toolkits that helped us develop solutions in a short time, without us taking the pain to create our own infrastructure.”

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