7 Best Practices to Conduct a Successful Video Conference Call

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There’s no denying the fact of how technology advances along with the internet have crafted a new route for the current generation to perform to the best of their capabilities. One such highlight of technological advancement is Video Conference calls that have become more of a reality and aren’t as much of a novelty anymore. However, there’s one thing that’s still new for users to get perfect at- the much talked yet not heavily practiced etiquettes that are crucial in every video conference call.

    1. But first, check if everything is working or not –  Never start your call in a rush. Always keep 10 minuses aside to run a ground-level check if your camera & your microphone are working well. See if there’s enough light in the room and that your face is clearly visible. These might seem like avoidable checks but they do leave a strong impression of your professional ethics to the one you’re getting in a call with.
      Note: If in case you don’t want to switch on the camera and limit the call to just audio, make sure you priorly let the members know of the same. 
    2. And yet, mark your punctuality – One thing that’s common between online & in-person meetings- they are best considered to hit off sharp on time. Barring odd circumstances, you should start making preparations beforehand. If you have a call scheduled at 10 am, you should be in front of your workspace 30 mins prior to making sure everything is ready, working and that you’re good to go
    3. Dress up like it’s a real meeting – No, this point isn’t subjective. For all video conference calls that concern business should be taken with you being dressed like you are here to win. Fresh, out-of-bed looks can be reserved for casual discussions but definitely not for professional meetings. 
    4. Start with a brief/objective of the meeting – It’s always best to bring the members in the call up to speed with the objective of the meeting.  It’ll help establish a stronger platform for what you’re about to present or discuss. Familiarize them with one another and invite them to ask any questions towards the end.
    5. Avoid awkward silences- Once the call begins, pause as and when necessary for effective communication but don’t be completely quiet even if there’s a technical difficulty. It’s best to communicate hiccups if at all they occur during the call. 
    6. Cut all distractions that surround you- When you live in a house full of active living beings, distractions will barge in. Be it your pet, children, spouse or parents, they’ll all have their own businesses to take care of. So make sure, the space you choose either has no noise dropping in between the call or you turn your microphone on mute when you aren’t the one talking. 
    7. Be confident and know it’ll turn out successful – Keep your focus on achieving the objective of the conference call. If by any chance, there’s a technical hiccup or you fumble while talking, pause for a second- acknowledge, communicate and continue with your next point. Always know that nothing can stop you from giving your best.

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