With EnableX Video API, Preksh Enhances the Future of Shopping Experience

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Preksh is India’s leading AR/VR-enabled Visual Marketing Solution Provider. Its patented technology equips retail and ecommerce companies to provide immersive virtual 3D store front experience to their consumers. 


In recent years, the trend of e-commerce and online shopping has grown immensely. Especially at the times of Covid-19 pandemic that has got many people who are staying at home to resort to online shopping experiences. However, since the traditional sales channels have been replaced by the online consumer engagement engines, retailers must do a lot more to convince customers to follow through with their choice and purchase items online. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Live Video are emerging technologies that could provide the answer. Immersive technologies such as VR/AR allows people to experience a product virtually or gather more information about a product or brand. When paired with Live Video, these technological advancements encourage the online shoppers to not just experience a product for real but also have a brand representative readily available to attend to their enquiries, making the whole customer journey a lot simpler, convenient and highly engaging.


Preksh has been effectively empowering online retailers with virtual demos and 3D storefront. While this drastically improves the online shoppers’ retention rate, it lacks the ability to follow through on the entire customer purchasing journey. The ability to have a Sales Agent to answer customer’s queries is missing. This resulted in Preksh looking for a communication provider that allows live video chat to be seamlessly integrated onto their solutions for an engaging shopper-sales agent communication.


Integration of Video/Voice calls into Preksh’s Visual Reality Solutions with EnableX Communication APIs. With Video calls, customers can call directly to the customer service centers and get questions or concerns addressed on the spot.


After embedding EnableX Video/Voice capabilities in their solutions, Preksh sees higher consumer acquisition rates consistently. Some of the bigger improvements are as follows:

  • Enhanced Online Shopping Experience- With live video, the Sales Agent can instantly answer any customer queries or conduct product demos and use collaborative features such as co-browsing and annotation to provide clarity.
  • Improve Customer Relationship- Video Calls help establish a strong face-to-face customer engagement. When the Sales Representative is able to see the customers, it helps them connect better because they can catch the customers’ facial expressions and know their reactions.
  • Increase Sales – From customer searching the products, to viewing the product through AR/VR to asking questions on the spot – this helps complete the customer buying process, thereby, increasing sales.
  • Round the clock shopping – The service can be made available 24×7 as compared to a physical store that opens only during office hours. This benefits brands to maintain a stronger relationship with customers, since they get more flexibility to shop at their convenience.

The EnableX Experience

“Integration with EnableX Communications has been a welcoming decision for us. Their APIs are indeed easy-to-use and their carrier-grade platform is fully customized and white-labelled to better serve our retail customers.”, said Preksh’s CEO, Kodandarama M A. “In addition, their Video Calls could be easily integrated to our retailers’ CRM and ERP system for contextual and seamless experience.”, said Sharath Chandrashekar, CTO, Preksh.

What’s Coming Next- Having successfully captured the in-store retail experience for their customers, for their future plans, Preksh aims to offer a similar Video API and VR/AR experience to their non-retail customers in industries like education, hospitality and more.

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