Sattva Connect Switches to EnableX Video to Reach the World

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Sattva Connect is an online yoga platform that inspires transformation, self-realization and healing. It is the only yoga channel that originates from Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of Yoga. Founded by Himalayan Master, Anand Mehrotra, Sattva Connect offers 1000+ on-demand daily live classes, courses and retreats, all conducted online.


With the world shifting more and more into the digital realm, it was only a matter of time before yoga took the plunge. While the transitioning of an age-old practice into an online space has been prevalent in the industry, its advancement went a level above post-pandemic.

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In order to be competitive with the digital-transitioning trend, Sattva Connect realised that by extending their session online, they can connect with over a thousand people every day for training, communicating health benefits and consultations. With the help of live video, they could double up the overall engagement with their students from across the globe.


Sattva Connect wanted to make its online platform more easily accessible for users. They intended to make the best use of their channel while still offering personalised service to users joining from different spheres of the world.


While Sattva Connect looked at some other providers of live video SDKs, EnableX was the only platform that catered to their needs for a high-quality and reliable video solution. With the integration of EnableX Video to Reach the World, Sattva Connect can now effectively add more participants to their daily yoga sessions. Not only has this elevated their audience’s experience but empowered them to bring people together and maximise fitness in real-time.



Today, digital transformation is focused on leveraging innovative communication tools to reimagine operations and build a fundamentally new way of connecting. With this in mind, as EnableX holds the capability to host over 1000 participants, Sattva Connect unarguably opted for it.

  • Faster Rollout- Sattva Connect’s team was able to quickly implement EnableX API with the help of extensive documentation & sample code and deliver an upgraded app with live sessions capability for its worldwide users.

EnableX & Satva Connect

  • Accommodating Audience Globally
    (a) With EnableX, Sattva Connect was able to do away with accessibility restrictions and seamlessly open their sessions to more participants.
    (b) The upgrade gave way to multiple concurrent sessions. To top that, with EnableX live streaming capability, Sattva Connect can now even expand its range to a mass that counts in millions.
  • Ease-to-connect: As EnableX is easily accessible across devices, Sattva Connect’s audience can easily connect irrespective of the device or browser they have.
  • Increased personalised service- Sattva Connect aims to help their audiences make room in their lives for regular yoga practices, one-on-one teachings, and mental wellbeing. After getting this upgrade, Sattva Connect got the freedom to engage with its users in a more personalised manner.

The EnableX Experience

“The incredible power to connect with your audience via live video has been crucial, especially during the pandemic. With EnableX, we have been able to reach out to a much wider mass that is spread globally. The high-quality video and audio-only add to a more seamless Yoga session every time it is held online. In fact, in comparison to other video communication providers that we partnered with in the past, EnableX stood out in terms of timeless support and ease of implementation.”Saraswati, Business Manager, Sattva Connect.


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