Pandemic has given strong flip to video as a mode of communication

Media Pandemic has given strong flip to video as a mode of communication
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TechGraph: How does ‘EnableX’ look these days?

Pankaj Gupta: EnableX was started with a vision to redefine how the world communicates in real-time. The name itself reflects exactly what our company does – enabling real-time communication within organizations’ applications/solutions through the use of our platform. We have built a cost-efficient, scalable and robust communication platform that helps businesses provide an unmatched customer experience by creating smarter and meaningful communications at every touchpoint across the customer journey.

EnableX is one of the few communications providers that can deliver a truly unified, end-to-end communication experience, because they own the entire stack themselves, from APIs and AI to unified communications. EnableX customers can now choose from an extensive portfolio of APIs (video, voice, SMS, virtual number) to create apps or select ready-to-use, proven Video Meeting and Webinar applications.

Recently, we have launched ‘FaceAI by’ which is a disruptive offering harnessing the power of emotion AI over live video, to further enhance customer experience through emotion-related data insights.


TechGraph: How do you feel ‘EnableX’ stands out from others who are already in this business?

Pankaj Gupta: We are uniquely positioned in the market as one of the few global players with a complete suite of services, ranging from Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) to Video Communication Software-as-a-Service. Businesses can leverage to develop an omnichannel experience – allowing users to communicate on any device (Android, iOS), browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.), and channels (voice, video, and messaging).

EnableX also supports multiple deployment options to fit businesses’ goals, budgets, security, and compliance needs. Most CPaaS providers offer CPaaS on a public platform that cannot address several critical enterprise use cases such as having a business process workflow within a protected environment, local data storage compliances, etc. For such requirements, we provide the flexibility to run real-time communication within their private cloud environment, on their data center, or as a hybrid of both. This enables businesses to use the service within their preferred, safe and controllable environment.

In addition, our Next-generation CPaaS is complemented by AI and Machine Learning capabilities. For example, our FaceAI capability uses AI to provide deep insights into the emotional impact of each conversation by analyzing live video, allowing our users to tailor their customer experience to a whole new high.


TechGraph: Could you walk us through the key services offered by EnableX?

Pankaj Gupta: EnableX is a communication platform for integrating real-time communication into mobile applications and workflows. It provides developers and service providers with powerful APIs to create video, voice, and messaging conversations with ease.

From one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts, makes communications more flexible and personal, helping enterprises stay ahead in the digital world. Providing feature-rich Video and Voice APIs as well as SMS, Chat, and Number APIs, is one of the few players in Asia-pacific offering a full-stack of communication capabilities with all the necessary toolkits to develop innovative and engaging communication experience. In addition, we offer ready-to-use Communication solutions such as webinars and Video Conferencing.

Soon we will also be offering easy-to-use, low-code APIs for a new layer of workers beyond developers, who are focusing on developing a highly engaging customer experience but want an easier development process.


TechGraph: With the 5G rollout process speeding up, How EnableX is going to capitalize the same?

Pankaj Gupta: We are at the doorstep of a virtually buffer-less era. 5G will deliver a giant leap in networking speed, helping companies like provide a far better experience in live video communication as compared to today.

With 5G boosting network speeds to more than 20 times faster than the current 4G standard, glitchy video calls and freezing videos will be a thing of the past. We consider this as an enormous opportunity to create even more engaging customer experiences.

We anticipate many innovative businesses will tap on this “next wave of speed” to create new immersive experiences by overlaying video calls with Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D imaging, holographic calls, gamification, and more. We, at EnableX, are already working towards such use-cases in the Education, Healthcare, and Retail sectors, amongst others. To say the least, we are geared up to capitalize on the wonderful opportunities that 5G will bring.

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