OfficeCore Partners with EnableX to Empower OfficeTrack with Real-time Video

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OfficeCore’s location-based software platform, OfficeTrack, is a Field Services Management Software that offers key services like scheduling, attendance management, and tracking of mobile workforce. With more than a decade of market experience and over 1,000+ clients, representing almost 50,000 field employees, the OfficeTrack platform is used in industries such as logistics and distribution, service and maintenance, security and sales.


In today’s scenarios, field service management software is a necessary tool wielded by businesses. As it helps to provide excellent customer service, standardises the workflow and can monitor trends and forecast, businesses utilise it to embrace digital solutions and become more competitive. However, when field service technicians face challenges like lack of instant access to the right resources or unclear communication while on the job, business objectives such as reduced time to service, better first-time fix rates, etc. can take a big hit.

To streamline field service operations and improve technician’s performance, live video works as an ideal solution. Not only it promotes better team collaboration and faster solutions but also empowers technicians to be more proactive which leads to great customer experience.

OfficeCore integrated EnableX real-time video calling into their mobile application to achieve field service excellence. Because of the dramatic cut down on wasted time and operational costs, they experienced better productivity and gained positive return on investments.


Sans the presence of video call, whenever on-field technicians faced a difficult issue, they would first take a picture/video of the issue and go back to office to seek help from the experts. Practices like these tend to slow down the overall service delivery, at times leading to customer disappointment.
To solve problems faster, facilitate better communication with field experts in real- time and offer a more efficient field service, OfficeTrack needed to add instant solutions on their existing application.


EnableX Communication Platform-as-a-Service. With EnableX simple-to-implement video API, OfficeCore can rapidly and easily integrate real-time video calling solution into their OfficeTrack mobile application. The all new video-enabled OfficeTrack can help field services operative to maintain instant connection with the back office, whenever they need access to answers and resources.


After adding the EnableX Video calling capabilities, OfficeTrack has been able to establish a well-honed process to help all its clients. Following are some of the top features that are proving beneficial for both OfficeTrack and its clients-

Faster problem resolution

Instead of wasting time in clicking and sending photos of the issues and having ineffective audio calls with the experts, technicians can now use OfficeTrack to show/describe the problem instantly, in real-time. By connecting technicians in a virtual, interactive environment with the subject matter experts, OfficeTrack allows technicians to gain necessary guidance and resolve problems first-hand.

Seamless communication

With video call now available as an option on OfficeTrack, the back-office expert can use it to immediately reach out to the field technician. They can literally communicate what they see with more experienced engineers back at the HQ to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly. Here’s how it work:



Decrease training time

Since EnableX Video API also offers a crucial feature on OfficeTrack to record an ongoing video session, business mentors can use these recordings for training and auditing purposes.

Reduce truck rolls

This is one of the best reasons for businesses to use the newly developed video-enabled OfficeTrack. Since field technicians now have the choice to remotely resolve customer queries and concerns, this saves them a lot of time and cost.

Higher scope of improvement

Depending on the success rate of video calls, business owners can identify possible loopholes such as how to fasten productivity among technicians and adjust operations to get desired results.

The EnableX Experience

Ever since we have partnered with EnableX, not only have we achieved a competitive edge in the market, but our operational efficiency has also become a lot smoother. EnableX has completely transformed the way we used to deliver service. Our first-time fix rate has started to look up and the resolution time is already on its way to going down!”, Jack Jossef Tabach, Global Customer Account Manager, OfficeCore.

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