Introducing EnableX Visual Builder: A No-Code Visual Builder for Developing Video Calling Apps

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Building a fully functional video meeting application is a tedious and complicated process, and that’s why searching for a way that reduces or eliminates the coding part has been a highly sought-after dream. With the launch of the no-code Visual Builder, this dream has finally come to fruition.

Pain Points of Video Meeting App Development

Let’s take a broad look at some of the critical pain points afflicting the modern application development process:

  1. Long Development Cycle  

Though traditional application development is time-intensive, developing a video calling app is even more complicated due to the added layer of complexity of managing multiple video streams. It may take months from sharing design specifications to front-end coding, back-end coding, and then QA. The Software Development Life Cycle may extend further after factoring in multiple rounds of reworks.

That’s where another problem starts: developers often end up sacrificing functionalities & user experience under pressure to deliver within a stiff deadline. Unfortunately, the existing app development process is a tightrope balancing act between speed and functionality.

  1. Lack of Video App Development Expertise

Designing and developing a video meeting application goes beyond building a simple web or mobile app. It requires a thorough knowledge of UI & frontend layout development, server-side programming, analytics, security and privacy, bandwidth optimisation, browser, and device compatibility. The sad reality is that a majority of developers lack the required expertise to build a real-time video meeting application.

  1. Gap in the Design and Code

The disconnect between visual design and code is another headache for developers. Visual designers create mocks/prototypes; developers need to code them. However, they often fail to produce a similar aesthetic impact.

The corresponding change has to be made in the code whenever there is a design change, causing further delay.

Limitations of Existing Low Code Embeds 

To assist software developers, many leading communication providers have recently launched video embed solutions loaded with pre-built User Interface (UI) templates. These platforms provide iframe code for easy integration into apps and browsers. Developers, however, feel constrained with the limited functionalities and capabilities of such pre-defined UI templates. They still need to write additional codes for greater customisation to meet the needs of specific use cases, which is not even possible in a majority of instances.

That’s where EnableX App Visual Builder offers limitless possibilities for developers.

Building Next Level Video Meeting Application with EnableX Visual Builder

Helping enterprises to build world-class communication has always been a driving force for EnableX. We feel excited to introduce—EnableX App Visual Builder. It is the fastest and most effortless way to build a video calling application without writing a single line of code. What used to take weeks or months of sprints can be done now in minutes.

As you select your preferences and features, our visual builder will generate a simple one-line code snippet in the backend automatically. Simply copy the code, embed this into your apps or software, and you are ready to launch a fully functional video calling experience. It’s that magical.

Here are the following five salient features of the EnableX Visual Builder:

  1. Flexible On-screen Layout Options

Needless to say, UI layout is a crucial part of the overall user experience. The on-screen layout lets you select the desired video grid layout based on your preference by showing 3×2, 4×3 or 3×3 participants on the screen. Video Media Information is another valuable feature that helps you show the bandwidth and audio/video status.

Advantages: It allows to efficiently manage the users’ bandwidth resources. Besides, you have the freedom to choose what you want to display on screen.

  1. Toolbar Display Settings

This tab helps you decide what you prefer to display in the top bar. You can add your logo, decide the room name, show duration and the number of participants. You can also keep toolbar’s position fixed or variable. It’s entirely your choice.

Advantages: You get the flexibility to design and place each element in the toolbar to deliver an engaging user experiencing for your users.

  1. Features Selection

It comprises all basic as well as collaborative features, such as recording, screen sharing, whiteboard, chat, live streaming, and background replacement.

Advantages:  You can select the features you need in the app. If the need arises in the future, you can enhance the functionalities quickly.

4. Moderator Settings

Robust moderator control features are key to successful video meetings. It allows moderators/hosts to remove echoes, create breakout rooms, take audio quality feedback, and decide who can join or leave the conference.

Moderator Settings tab have advanced features, such as waiting lobby, breakout room and room lock for an engaging and rich user experience.

Advantages: You can raise the engagement quotient a notch above by adding advanced functionalities in few clicks.

5. Accessory panel

Accessory tab allows you to select the colour, text size, and font of the background, video stream, chat screen, toolbar display. Besides, you can also choose between line and solid icons.

Advantages: You can select specific set of colours, fonts, and text sizes to reflect your unique brand identity.

What Makes EnableX App Visual Builder Unique

Simplicity, ease-of-use, and granular control are three defining characteristics of EnableX App Visual Builder. It provides freedom from coding and lets you develop and design easily without sacrificing quality and functionalities.

Additionally, the process of building a video meeting app becomes more fun-filled because you have more creative room to think and design.

You can decide the look and feel, capabilities and features at the atomic level without writing a single line of code or dabbling with HTML content, CSS properties, and JavaScript. Just select what you need, and it writes the code for you.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, coding has been a major stumbling block in real-time video communication development. EnableX App Visual Builder removes this bottleneck entirely by eliminating the coding aspect, while making it so simple that even a kid can create a fully functional video calling app in minutes.

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