InCruiter Counts on EnableX to Level Up Engagement on HR Tech Solution!

Case Studies InCruiter Counts on EnableX
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About InCruiter

InCruiter provides an Interview as a Service (IaaS) Platform for various Tech and Non-Tech companies. They have established a platform where their 2200+ technical expert interviewers conduct interviews on behalf of their clients so that the latter can focus on their core business activities. When InCruiter began to face the challenge of scaling its platform & addressing the changing needs of the market, they reached out to EnableX.



What is now viewed as a necessity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been a long time coming digital transformation in the recruitment industry. Virtual interviews didn’t start in 2020, they were already trending. And a more comprehensive interviewing solution like InCruiter made the whole hiring experience easier for companies.



InCruiter’s platform faced the challenge of quality & scaling. They could not scale their capacity to hold more concurrent video interviews & handle large video data on their current solution.  They tried working with multiple solution providers who lacked the flexibility and agility to address scalability needs without compromising on quality & security.

InCruiter wanted to enhance their in-house solution with a tech advancement that was quick, user-friendly, not limited by the infrastructure and allowed them to scale their capacity.



EnableX team worked closely with the InCruiter engineers to design an optimal implementation of the Low Code Video Embed – the most advanced and flexible video platform available in the market today. The solution is hosted on a fully managed cloud and offered high-quality video capabilities with full branding & custom features to InCruiter. This solution integrated seamlessly into the existing Incruiter application and offered unlimited scalability for concurrency as well as storage.



By implementing EnableX Low Code Video Embed, InCruiter’s team has been able to scale their operations & conduct more interviews without any hiccups. The company now has more than 2200 panellists & 200 + enterprises as clients conducting more than 100K interview minutes per day.

The impact is not only in terms of volumes that InCruiter is able to handle but also in the quality of interactions & transparency in the whole process for all stakeholders.

It further improved key client satisfaction. When the clients are large enterprises such as Practo, Mahindra and more, a client-centric and collaborative mindset makes all the difference in today’s highly competitive world.

As Anil Agarwal, CEO, InCruiter, noted, “With the ease of scaling and better quality of calling, we’re fostering a process that’s helping to accelerate the HR-Tech environment and improving engagement across all our clients. The whole solution has incited a more streamlined interviewing process that also sits with InCruiter’s market standards.”


The EnableX Advantage


  • Extensive Scalability

With EnableX, InCruiter was able to ward off scalability restrictions and seamlessly allow an influx of interviewees and interviewers in a single session. Currently, they now host over 300 interviews every day as compared to 50-100 done
in the past.

  • Recording Advantage

EnableX cloud gives InCruiter the leverage to store and access recordings for over 72 hours from the time an interview is undertaken. With this freedom, their clients get ample time to assess every candidate carefully.

  • Quick Rollout

After leveraging the power of Low-Code Embed, InCruiter’s newly enhanced solution went live within a week.

  • Efficiently Catering to Business Needs

This upgrade has complemented InCruiter’s overall business needs and processes, helping them meet their end goals and explore additional opportunities.

  • Unparalleled Vendor Support

In comparison to other solution providers that InCruiter had engaged, EnableX support pre, during and post-implementation of the solution was proactive, quick and consistent


The EnableX Experience

“We designed the InCruiter Platform to be more than just an interviewing space. To realize our goal of fully remote, connected interviewing potential, we knew we needed communication partners that raised the quality, reliability, and scalability demanded by our range of clients – that’s why we chose EnableX, which will continue to be our partner of choice for upcoming solutions too.” – Anil Agarwal, CEO, InCruiter

The EnableX Video Platform is built using the best-in-class technologies and infrastructure to deliver best possible customer experience. With the use of WebRTC as the underlying real-time communication framework, we ensure seamless communication across end points and mobile devices. We offer native APIs and SDK’s along with hybrid frameworks – both for web and mobile applications including ReactNative, Flutter and Cordova to enable quick integration by developers.

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