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EnableX updated its SMS Campaign Manager complete with an easy-to-use 2 step campaign wizard. Moreover, the advanced link shortening capabilities optimize message length and improve deliverability, while the integrated click tracking features provide real-time insights into campaign performance metrics.

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A Wizard for Simplified Campaign Creation

Executing an SMS campaign should not be a complex puzzle. Recognizing this, EnableX developed a 2-step wizard that guides you through creating and launching SMS campaigns which is as easy as it gets. This intuitive wizard simplifies the workflow, guiding you through the campaign creation with ease and efficiency. Now, you can move from the drawing board to execution with just a few clicks.

Dynamic SMS Templates

Customization is key in communication. Our SMS templates come with dynamic/programmable variables support, allowing you to personalize messages for each recipient. Whether you are sending out promotions, updates, or greetings, you can make each message feel custom-made for the recipient.

Overcoming Variable Mismatches

The challenge of mismatched variables in SMS templates and CSV files is a thing of the past. Our innovative wizard allows you to define and match your variables post data upload whether they are text or URL variables, ensuring flawless campaign execution.


Code Snippets for the Tech-Savvy

For developers looking to integrate these features programmatically, EnableX provides code snippets in languages such as PHP, NodeJS, and Python. This means you can automate your campaign setup and management directly from your codebase, using EnableX’s robust API for maximum efficiency.


URL Shortening: Save Space, Enhance Appeal

URL shortening feature is about more than just fitting into the 160-character limit of SMS messages. By transforming lengthy URLs into concise links, your messages look cleaner and are more likely to be read and interacted with. Here’s how it enhances your messaging:

  • Algorithm Efficiency: Our shortening algorithm compresses URLs into a fraction of their original length without losing uniqueness or functionality.
  • Real-Time Execution: The shortening occurs at runtime during the message sending process, ensuring no additional latency affects the campaign flow.

Click Tracking: Metrics that Matter

With click tracking, every link becomes an opportunity to learn about your audience. By monitoring how recipients interact with your links, you get real-time data on what captures their attention. This intelligence not only helps in assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns but also provides actionable insights for future strategy. Here’s what our click tracking offers:

  • Open Rate Tracking: Prioritizes understanding how often SMS links are opened, offering a direct measure of campaign reach.
  • Detailed Engagement Data: Each click is mapped to an action, providing a granular view of how recipients engage with your content.
  • Performance Analytics: Aggregated click data feeds into our analytics engine, offering insights into campaign performance and user preferences.
  • A/B Testing Readiness: With click tracking, you’re equipped to perform A/B tests on different URLs, aiding in optimizing campaign content.

Both URL shortening and link tracking are seamlessly integrated into the SMS Campaign Manager. This means that links are automatically shortened as messages are sent, and clicks are tracked without any extra steps from you. It’s efficiency at its best.

Send Your SMS Campaign Now or Schedule it for later

  • Send Now: With a single click, your campaign pierces through the digital noise to deliver messages to your audience in real-time. This immediacy is not just about speed; it’s about capitalizing on the now to maximize engagement.
  • Schedule for later: Whether aligning with an upcoming event, a planned promotion, or simply to avoid peak times that might lead to message fatigue, scheduling puts you in the driver’s seat. You can plan your communication to align with customer behaviours, time zones, or even your own internal workflows.

EnableX SMS Campaign Manager’s scheduling feature is a tool integrated into the core of the platform. It employs a robust scheduling engine that ensures messages are queued and delivered at the specified times without fail.

You can interact with this functionality through a user-friendly interface, selecting dates and times with accuracy. For developers, API endpoints provide the ability to programmatically schedule messages, offering seamless integration with your existing systems and applications.

Get Started with a Click

Ready to dive in? EnableX’s SMS Campaign Manager is designed to cater to both the tech-savvy and the novices in SMS marketing. Start creating more personalized, engaging, and insightful SMS campaigns today with EnableX.

Embrace the future of SMS marketing with EnableX and turn every message into an opportunity for connection and growth.

Click tracking allows for tracking open rate in case of SMS which is not otherwise possible. The points on data engagement etc. should come after the point about Open Rate tracking

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