EnableX Missed Call Alert Solution: Why You Need It & How It Works

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In a volatile market landscape, where customers can shift their loyalties in seconds, enterprises are challenged to find simple and effective ways to engage with their target audience. A missed call alert solution is an effective way to meet multiple objectives across applications, such as lead generation, conducting surveys, verifying phone numbers, sending product updates, and many more.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about your customers being unreachable due to switched-off devices or being in a ‘no-network’ coverage area. You can send a text message with a user-defined text informing them about the calls missed while your number was unreachable, and they will call & give you a missed call on a virtual number provided in the text message. Thus, you can address a wider pool of audiences for your campaign as you can reach out to those who would have been otherwise left.

This post will equip you with important insights about the missed call alert solution like how it works and advantages.  Additionally, you will learn its many use cases that will help you improve customer engagement.


Missed Call Alert Solution: How It Works

It’s simple:  the company sends an SMS to the recipient, asking them to carry out a specific action. The recipient then calls on a virtual number provided in that text message. The phone rings a couple of times and automatically disconnects, and then the system sends an automated response to the prospective customer within a few seconds. It’s a quick and straightforward process that works.


Missed Call Alert Solution: The Workflow

EnableX Missed Call Alert flow

A missed call solution usually involves the following workflow:

  • A customer receives an SMS or a WhatsApp message on the mobile phone. It carries a virtual number on which the customer is asked to give a missed call.
  • The customer gives a call to the virtual number & it gets disconnected immediately after it lands on the virtual number. The customer’s phone number gets saved in the application’s database.
  • The system notifies the customer via an automated call-back or SMS, advising the following action. This way, the customer doesn’t need to incur any call charges.
  • Alternatively, additional actions such as calls, text messages or acknowledgement SMS can also be integrated into the workflow.


Missed Call Alert Solutions: Use Cases

Missed Call Alert Solutions Use Cases image


Take a look at some of the different ways to leverage missed call alert solutions:

  • Phone Number Verification

A customer can complete the OTP verification to verify their phone number by giving a missed call to a virtual number.

  • Opt-in Services
    • A customer can also opt-in/ opt-out of a promotional campaign via a missed call.
    • Create surveys and polls to get feedback.
    • Support campaigns by NGOs, etc., for a cause.
  • Support Services

Once the person gives a missed call, businesses can send relevant information via SMS to guide them further, such as a link to download the app or fill in the form.

  • Provide Updates

Send an SMS alert about offering an update on various services, products, or other information. Banks successfully use the missed call solution.

For example, they send SMSs to customers to call on a virtual number to know their account balance, request a credit card or cheque book, apply for a personal loan, etc.

  • Lead Generation

You can send an SMS and ask the recipient to give a missed call on a virtual number if they’re interested in a particular solution.

  • Create Awareness

Govt agencies or NGOs can send people SMSs requesting them to register for a health camp or a government scheme.

In India, where the Internet is still not easily accessible to a huge number of people, missed call alerts can be an effective way to engage with them.


Your Business Needs Missed Call Alert Solution!

The missed call alert solution can help drive sales and growth for an enterprise if appropriately leveraged. The feature is most effective for specific business needs, especially when you don’t want your potential customers to take the trouble of having to make direct calls to you.

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