What’s New In The EnableX Low Code Video Embed: Better Video Recording, Screen Sharing And Much More

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It has been an exciting month for Low Code Video embed and the Team EnableX is on roll. Our product and engineering teams have been working really hard to make it even better for you. We have some exciting add-ons in our Low Code Video Embed solution that would empower developers to create even better user experiences in their solutions. So, keep reading this post to learn about the recent product updates.


What’s New In The Low Code Video Embed?

Now you have more power in your hand to design stylish UI for video calling applications, along with many other collaborative features.

Here are the following new features we have added recently:


Solution Specific UI Templates For Integration

We have introduced powerful yet easy-to-use UI templates packed to let you build a real-time video chat application that suits specific use case requirements of an industry.

Whether it’s healthcare, online classroom, field services or consulting, you can create a seamless communication experience for your clients. The templates have been set with the right set of communication and collaboration features for different applications and use cases. The features in each template can be customized using the EnableX Visual Builder – An industry-first DIY tool to get the iframe code for adding to your application.

You can learn more about the latest UI templates for integration here.


Virtual Background Replacement For More Immersive User Experience

Custom backgrounds can disguise your surroundings and make video chats more immersive. There is also an option to upload your own scenes or blur background if you wish to do the same. This can be enabled using the Visual Builder. You can also select a list of images from the Virtual Background Image Library.

To know more about how to add virtual background features, click here.


Robust Moderator Control Features


  • Switch Speaker View

With this new feature, the moderator can toggle between the Gallery View and Leader View. Using EnableX Visual Builder tool, you can set either of the modes or enable both options.


  • Switch Meeting Mode

It allows a moderator to switch between the Group Conference and Webinar Mode during live-sessions. The webinar mode mutes all the participants & enables the hand raise feature to simulate a typical one to many webinar or classroom scenario.

This new feature is available under Settings Pullout.


  • Switch Player Mode

The newly added feature enables users to switch between ‘Fit-to-Frame’ or ‘Fill-Frame view’. With the Fit-to-Frame mode, they can view the entire video if it’s only partially visible. For a closer view, they can select Fill-the Frame mode.


Powerful Collaboration Features

Here are some of the powerful collaboration features we have added:


  • Co-browsing:

The new Co-Browsing feature allows multiple users to view the same web page on their respective devices. As of now, up to ten URLs can be viewed in real-time by 10 participants. With this powerful co-browsing feature, developers can further enhance collaboration capability to take the customer experience to an entirely new level.


  • Screen sharing With PIP Mode:

In the Picture-in-Picture mode, a floating video window remains open while your users will continue to interact with other media. For instance, you can keep searching for a restaurant while video chatting with a friend or continue watching a funny video on a website while getting directions on Google Maps. It’s useful for those who constantly bounce from app to app.

This way, you can keep an eye on the streams your guests are publishing while still sharing what’s on your screen. And that’s not all—

your users can turn this feature on and off as often as they want!


  • Screen Sharing With Active Talker:

In a multi-party video conference call, the person who speaks the most can be displayed prominently on all participants’ screens. This feature is available for Web, Android, and iOS.


Live Recording, Archiving And Video Watermarking

We’ve added a live video recording feature that records the session in exactly the same layout as it is visible to the participants. The recording file is available as an MP4 format media file & becomes available for download as soon as the meeting is over.

Our engineering lab has a lot more cooking and we’ll have a bunch of new and exciting features coming out in the next few weeks!


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