EnableX Launches Dialogs: Transform your Customer Engagement Journey 

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EnableX, a prominent player in the field of Programmable Communication & Engagement solutions, announced the launch of Dialogs, an AI powered omni channel Customer Engagement Platform. The Dialogs platform is the next generation solution offering an AI Based omni-channel BOT combined with live assist capabilities across different communication channels.   

The Dialogs platform is an addition to the EnableX’s existing suite of Communication API suite and Live Streaming Solutions. With this addition, EnableX now has the most comprehensive solution suite for customer interaction and engagement addressing the enterprise market across geographies. 

The launch of Dialogs comes amidst the rapid growth of the Conversational AI market, reflecting the increasing recognition among businesses of the pivotal role AI plays in enhancing customer experiences. This confluence underscores AI’s transformative impact on reshaping customer engagement strategies and driving operational excellence. 

According to Pankaj Gupta, CEO of EnableX,  “Currently, the global chatbot market is valued at USD 63 billion and is projected to reach USD 270 billion by 2030. By harnessing the power of conversational AI and integrated live communications, businesses can drive sales, streamline their operations, improve efficiency and also forge deeper connections with their customers. As consumer expectations continue to rise, investing in AI-based customer engagement platforms is not just smart but a strategic decision for staying relevant and thriving in the digital age. With Dialogs, we’re helping businesses achieve exactly this. For us, this is the first step in our product strategy of delivering the most comprehensive Customer Engagement Cloud and an advanced analytics engine for deeper insights.”   

For more information, visit EnableX Dialogs.

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