EnableX.io introduces FaceAI – Face Analysis and Emotion Recognition AI to deliver Business Intelligence

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New Delhi, 29 September 2020: EnableX.io, Asia’s leading cloud communication platform provider, today announced the launch of its Face Analysis and Emotion Recognition AI solution – FaceAI. Aimed at augmenting live video with Cognitive and Emotional States understanding, FaceAI enables companies with deep insights into the emotional impact of each conversation, providing smarter, more contextual and dynamic customer engagements.FaceAI

Encompassing advanced technologies, FaceAI has the ability to identify demographic features such as the Likely Gender and Age;  facial features such as Hair Colour, Cheekbone, eyes; and emotions such as Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Empathy, Surprise, and much more. Besides these, it also measures the attentiveness and liveness of the person which can be helpful in developing a deeper understanding of the customer or caller’s sentiments and affective state.

Pankaj Gupta, CEO & Founder, EnableX.io stated, “Next generation communications should be more flexible, smart and personal. With the whole new set of Emotion Intelligence capabilities, EnableX.io equips partners and customers across industries and domains with AI-enabled communication APIs that facilitate intelligent data-driven conversations, helping them stay ahead of the curve.”

Businesses can use EnableX FaceAI separately or paired with EnableX Video call in several ways such as verifying the identity of bank users over AI-enabled video, displaying targeted advertisements through “smart kiosks”, understanding student’s engagement level in elearning, and much more. In the case of large-scale video calls, FaceAI effectively measures facial expressions and emotions of all the faces within the call in real time.

“EnableX has a strong reputation in the CPaaS space, especially when it comes to next-generation video APIs. By adding FaceAI into our portfolio, we are not only helping people connect, but taking communication to the next level by creating meaningful and memorable customer journeys. Historically, AI focuses on intelligence in improving processes and automation and is not focused on correlating events with human emotions or emotional factors. Now, with FaceAI, we are adding an EQ to technology’s IQ. Using Affective Computing technology, we will be able to recognise the emotional state and the context of every conversation, equipping organisations to respond in a more contextual and accurate way.” said Pankaj.

With FaceAI, businesses and developers can easily integrate emotional intelligence into any application, website and digital displays using the AI HTML5 browser-side SDK. Ensuring GDPR compliance, all the AI processing is done on the device with no personal data, images, or videos shared with the centralised EnableX.io server.



Additional Information

There are varied interesting use-cases where FaceAI coupled with Live Video will bring substantial benefits for businesses in a highly customer-centric environment.

  • Education: Ensuring the integrity of online learning, it helps detect the attentiveness and liveliness of the students. Facial Recognition also helps authenticate and verify the identity of individual students. Emotion analysis, on the other hand, helps instructors understand students better so that they can tailor their teaching approaches to levels of student interest, and to address areas of concern, confusion and apathy from students.
  • eKYC: Financial institutions can automate the process of KYC and save time with the help of AI. FaceAI helps ensure the authenticity of the customers when doing digital onboarding by adding an additional layer of security. By detecting and evaluating face and facial features, head poses, eye gaze, emotions and much more, FaceAI helps thwart fraudsters.
  • Retail: With EnableX FaceAI, brands can provide live video-stream shopping and use emotions data captured from Facial Analysis and Emotion Recognition AI to offer the right solutions and products to the right customers. Marketers, on the other hand, can test the success of the marketing campaigns and Ads by measuring their emotional responses.
  • Customer Service: For any business, Facial Recognition and emotion analysis could help the customer service agent to resolve customer queries and anguish more efficiently and carefully and escalate it to senior supervisors before the situation gets out of hand and affects brand image.
  • HR & Recruitment: The technology can be used to assess job candidates and can also help in understanding employee’s feelings and emotions better so that their experience could be enhanced and issues could be resolved on time.



About EnableX.io

EnableX.io, a product of vCloudx, is a communication platform for integrating real-time communication into applications and websites. The scalable and secure global platform provides developers and service providers with powerful APIs to create video, voice and messaging conversations with ease. From one-to-one chats to large scale broadcasts, EnableX.io makes communications more flexible and personal, helping enterprises stay ahead in the digital world.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, EnableX.io has established a strong foothold in APAC countries. Backed by a team of 50+ passionate technologists, it constantly challenges the status quo to empower Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups across the globe with its highly interactive and powerfully engaging customer experience platform.

In the wake of the growing demand for remote communication services globally, the company in March 2020, forayed into the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space by developing a state-of-the-art Video Conferencing Solution. With this, EnableX.io became one of the few global players with a complete suite of services ranging from Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) to Video Communication Software-as-a-Service.

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