EnableX Emotion AI powered-Live Video Transforms Tech Giant’s Recruitment

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In the ever-competitive IT Service Provider Industry, acquiring the right talent at scale is a crucial differentiator. It is both a critical success factor to maintain industry leadership and helps raise the bar in ‘intelligent hiring.’ 

At the epicenter, there is a renowned Tech Giant that was experiencing a rather jarring process to hire new talent. The HR team would schedule interviews on different collaboration platforms & send invites to candidates & interviewers through their mail. The whole process was very manual & disconnected. 

The firm then came up with their in-house recruitment process that would still require third party apps like Teams and WebEx to deliver an industry standard experience. 


To conduct seamless and personalized live video interviews, without switching to external URLs or downloading plugins /apps. 

Right from sending invitations to conducting actual interviews, EnableX proposed its Video & FaceAI capabilities to work closely with the company to build a seamless candidate interviewing solution as well as deliver superlative experience. 

The Solution  

EnableX Video API was used to embed real-time video calling capability within the platform to actuate seamless interviewing sessions.

How it functions: 

  1. Candidates click the meeting URL sent by the brand’s talent acquisition Team.
  2. After entering the Virtual Lobby, they can view videos, documents, news snippets etc. that demonstrate the achievements of the IT Services Leader they are vying to join. This superlative experience simulates real life scenarios and is personalised.
  3. The panelists / interviewers (1-2 as per standard guidelines) on clicking their invite URL, enter the interview room and can see the candidate’s name waiting to be allowed in.
  4. Once the candidate enters the video room, they start interaction with the interviewers who further use collaboration tools like screenshare, annotations & whiteboard for assessment of the candidates’ capabilities. 
  5. Here, the FaceAI analyses sentiments in real-time through the 7 displays graphs on the interviewer screen. The produced data can be stored for further evaluation of the candidate’s performance. 
  6. The entire session is recorded and pushed to the client’s remote storage location along with all other relevant data. 

 How to make IT hiring better? 

Enablex FaceAI adds a revolutionary dimension to the real-time video interviewing. The integration and overlaying of Emotion AI (Affective Computing) with Live Video offers an unparalleled hiring experience. 

  • With its phenomenal power to analyse more than 130 facial features and emotions in video interviews, it helps Recruiters make better decisions 
  • Take the pain out of the screening and assessment process
  • Empower recruiters to create an engaging interview experience while using AI to make objective, unbiased and impartial hiring decisions 


Till date, with the help of EnableX AI-enabled Live video, the app has hosted over 20,000 interviews, that accumulate to a total of 7,50,000 video minutes.

In this digital era, the powerful combination of Emotion AI and Live Video makes hiring smarter and delivers a superior fulfilling experience for both interviewers and interviewees. It transforms the traditional recruitment process into a critical business enabler to help make the business stand out! 

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