EnableX aims to become the only full-stack CPaaS provider in Asia


Pankaj Gupta, Founder & CEO, talks about the journey of EnableX, its business model and how CPaaS solutions differ from UCaaS solutions

What is the story behind the genesis of EnableX? What are the solutions and services being offered?

Well, people are increasingly moving towards real-time communication instead of offline interactions. With customer experience taking center stage, communication needs to happen instantly. We set up this company called vCloudx about two years back in August 2017. We spent more than a year and a half to come out with the first version ofour product EnableX. EnableX is essentially a Communication platform as a Service. We set up EnableX with the idea of offering enterprises and the developer community to embed real-time communication into business and consumer solutions.

Read more at: https://www.cxotv.news/2020/02/13/enablex-aims-to-become-the-only-full-stack-cpaas-provider-in-asia/

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