Video Conferencing in education

Borderless Classroom.
Richer Learning Experience.

  • Classroom without Boundaries

    Extend your reach to more people in different locations. Avoid time and distance barriers. Make learning more affordable.​

  • Fun, Interactive & Engaging

    Packed with feature-rich tools to foster collaboration and increase enthusiastic adoption

  • Never Miss a Class

    Create a digital library of on-demand recorded classes so students can view or revise them any time


Virtual Classrooms That Bring Students And Teachers Together

Deliver knowledge interactively with engaging collaborative tools​

Webinar software

Screen Sharing and Annotation

Share presentations with a single click and annotate with your students in realtime


Illustrate your ideas and concept by drawing directly onto the Canvas

Feedback and Polls

Collect feedback through polling and instantly tabulate results to share with the class


Conduct chat privately among instructors and students, or with the entire class

Recording and Playback

Record online sessions and share with students who were absent or use it for revision

LMS integrations

Integrate and sync with commonly-used learning management systems


Conduct Q&A, display answers publicly or privately, or assign the Q&A to a colleague/teacher


Get reports on students’ attendance, polling and Q&A for follow up

HD Video and Audio

Unparalleled call quality powered by EnableX’s leading and proprietary technologies

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Added Security

Secure with PIN, locks, unique URL and more. All calls and screen sharing are encrypted to the highest standard.


Customise everything from the domain name to the logos, colors, fonts and more

Large Scale

Conduct lessons with up to a thousand students and co-host with other teachers

Use Cases

Enrich your classes for students and adults

EnableX helps kindergartens, schools and universities to foster greater collaborations and interactions

  • Online Learning

    Extend learning – either in real-time or on-demand – to home-bound students, overseas students, and working adults by using interactive communicative features like audio detection, screen sharing, recording, and white-boarding to give students and learners a richer and more interactive educational experience.

  • Online Tutoring

    Instantly connect your students and learners with personal tutors or subject-matter experts from anywhere in the world. With features such as multiparty conferencing and screen sharing, learners can learn from their teachers regardless of time and distance.

  • Enhanced Curriculum

    Extend the learning experience beyond classroom walls. With the power of live video and augmented with virtual reality, you can enrich a class with virtual field trips such as visiting world-renowned museums or communicating remotely with a paleontologist to learn about dinosaurs.

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