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Communication APIs for Telehealth

Build Best in Class Digital and Phygital Experiences for Healthcare

Create Seamless Healthcare Experiences
with EnableX

Truly Omnichannel

Deliver Telemedicine and Telehealth
Solutions Using our Omnichannel
Communications Platform

Create large-scale, people-centric digital health interactions using EnableX Communication APIs

50 million+

In-person visits annually could be converted to virtual or telemedicine visits.


$460 billion+

The global telemedicine market is estimated to reach nearly in value by the next decade.


$504.24 billion+

Telehealth projected to grow by 2030 at a CAGR of 19.7%

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Explore various Healthcare CPaaS Use Cases

Ensure continuous presence through out
the patient's healthcare journey

While you may have used communications services in your healthcare operations discretely, learn how an
end-to-end journey designed using a Communications Platform can empower your teams to deliver more:

  • Appointment Bookings

    Reduce costs through seamless automated appointment scheduling and appointment management. Empower patient control by letting them confirm, cancel, or reschedule with ease through SMS, programmable IVRs, self-service WhatsApp or app flows.

  • Prescription Renewal Reminders

    Facilitate operational transformation with automated SMS and WhatsApp notifications for prescription refills, upcoming appointments, test results, and other important updates.

  • Omnichannel Healthcare

    Whether it's Video, Voice, WhatsApp, or good old text messaging, deliver a seamless experience, and empower patients and healthcare providers!

    From crystal-clear HD quality to effortless integration and lightning-fast response times, we've got everything you need to keep healthcare conversations flowing and convenient.

  • Telehealth Consultations

    Enable virtual video consultation waiting rooms, share pre-visit information, and educate patients with customized billing and insurance processes.

    Connect with doctors globally with EnableX in-app communication API, making virtual care feel like in-person consultation.

In-Store Operations
  • Patient Monitoring

    Monitor patients’ key health indicators like heart rates, sugar levels, blood pressure, temperature, and glucose through video integrated into devices and alerts being triggered through SMS and WhatsApp.

  • Digital Test Results

    Test result notifications through everyday digital channels, eliminating postal delays, patient visits and reducing costs for healthcare providers.

  • FAQ Bots

    Empower patients to self-serve, reduce costs by eliminating multiple inbound calls.

Omnichannel Ecommerce
Healthcare CPaaS Solutions

Solve Healthcare Business Challenges
Using EnableX CPaaS

Customize Your Healthcare Solution, explore EnableX APIs for Healthcare Businesses. Pay for the services
you use, with a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. Based on minimum commitments, you can also
access a large variety of other commercial models with us!


Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.


Embed WebRTC based video call capabilities directly into your healthcare website or mobile applications with live video API & Client SDKs & Mobile SDKs.

SMS & Chat

Add SMS and in-app chat into your Telehealth App Messages with API and Client SDK.

WhatsApp Business API

Add WhatsApp into your Telehealth App Messages with API and Client SDK.

Secure Healthcare Communications

Ensure Healthcare Data Security

HIPAA Compliant

The HIPAA-compliant platform ensures that sensitive data is protected against data exposure.

End-to-end Encryption

Message and media files transmitted among patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals are encrypted end-to-end.

Record Keeping

Calls and chats can be recorded, logged and stored. This helps in risk and liability management and improves future communication and treatments for both doctors and patients.

Revolutionary Telehealth Solutions

Enable A Transformative Telehealth
Experience with EnableX

With instant appointment booking, video consultations, session transcripts, and prescription renewal
reminders, patient monitoring alerts EnableX offers one of the best Healthcare CPaaS in the world.

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Success Stories

They trusted EnableX Hire and their success now speaks of the results.

“EnableX’s Live Video API has turbocharged our mission to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions. By integrating Video technology as part of SamVita, we’re successfully transitioning into proactive and efficient healthcare delivery. Their user-friendly APIs and dedicated technical support facilitated a smooth transition to this new mode of communication. This strategic alliance is steering us closer to our vision of transforming the healthcare landscape.”

- Manish Katke, Founder, Wrizto Healthcare

“EnableX’s secure communication platform has made it simpler for the patients to connect better using our app. The scalable and easy to use EnableX API and toolkits together with comprehensive documentation made it convenient for us to embed the video/voice channel including chat within our app in a short time, without us needing to create our own infrastructure. The EnableX team holds up their word and works proactively to meet the results.”

- Suresh Babu, COO of Modern Family Doctor

“Partnering with EnableX has not only proved to be good value for us, but also for our customers. While we were struggling to develop our own WebRTC app, EnableX Video API has seamlessly fit in our whole business ecosystem. Based on the positive results after partnering with EnableX, we have also chosen their Programmable SMS API to power our appointment notifications that are sent natively from the PetMantraa™ website.”

- Client, PetMantraa
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