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Case# Call connected, but it doesn’t play audio/video?

Solution: User must make sure that the browser has the permission to access the Camera and microphone device when the application is launched. These devices are used as a source to create Stream to publish video to the Room. If access is given only for Camera, then the Stream will not have audio and vice versa.

Please note that Firefox asks for device access every time you reach the Video Application page. So, access to be allowed every time a user is prompted.

Case# My Application stopped working without any changes made in it?

Solution: Please refer to the latest release notes and upgrade client SDK accordingly. In some cases, upgrade on the server side may cause some inconsistency that will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Case# TLS certificate fails with Java-based application

Solution: the reason the error is occurring is because the SSL certificate of the target you’re connecting to isn’t considered valid by your Java instance’s Keystore. This may be because the CA chain couldn’t be validated, or your java version doesn’t have the support of SNI extension of TLS.

See if we have valid certificate. You can verify the support matrix of our SSL cert at:

 May be below posts help you to enable SNI.

In the case of CA Chain Issue, you may need to import Root CA certs in your Keystore.

key tool -import -alias root -keystore server.keystore -trustcacerts -file <root certificate>


Case# Application Share doesn’t work effectively. Screen Share experience is different in different browsers.

Explanation: Regarding Share Screen, there are some restrictions caused by the limited capability of the current WebRTC media engine and the browser itself. Let me explain some of the cases.

  1. PowerPoint Presentation Mode: We have a workaround to solve this WebRTC limitation. Simply start PPT in presentation mode prior to sharing. User can use ALT+Tab to switch between screens. Another alternative is to use PDF instead of PPT as a presentation.
  2. Scrolling of PPT and MS Word document (When we are using single display monitor): This is another limitation of WebRTC or browser. You can overcome this restriction by using two display monitors – one can be used to share and the other for scrolling PPT or MS word document which is being shared.
  3. FireFox FireFox does not allow sharing of single Application: This is a limitation of FF/Mozilla browser. To overcome this, simply share the entire screen first followed by toggling to the application you intend to share.

Case# In some cases, linking of libraries fails with React Native application build.

Solution: There is a possibility that some ports are blocked by your IT administrator with the intention of blocking the installation of run time libraries.

Are you facing any problem with EnableX?

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