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Text Chat based Q&A

January 21, 2023: EnableX Meeting introduces Text Chat based Q&A feature for both Webinar and Meetings using which users post by typing in into a form and moderators can post back answers or speak out to answer in the Video Room. [ Read more… ]

Branding for a scheduled Meeting & Webinar

January 15, 2023: EnableX Meeting introduces Branding Options for a scheduled Webinar and Meetings. The owner/organizer can setup marketing contents for Login Page using a headline, description text, a banner or video; also can add a banner for the Video Room. [ Read more… ]


January 15, 2023: Whiteboard in EnableX Meeting Application is now updated with Keyboard Shortcuts for most commonly used tools, Colour Swatch for Pencil Tool and more. [ Read more... ]

Keyboard Shortcuts

November 9, 2022: EnableX Meeting Application now comes with Keyboard Shortcuts to issue commands for the commonly used functions. Therefore, without having to use a mouse, a user now can issue commands using predefined Keyboard Shorts. [ Read more… ]

Raise Hand to talk

November 9, 2022: EnableX Meeting Application now introduces a Raise Hand Feature in Group Meeting mode. This is to maintain decorum in a Video Session. In a large party call, a user simply doesn’t jump in to ongoing debate or conversation to talk. Instead he clicks a button to raise hand to notify others that he is willing to talk. He talks when subsequently a Moderator asks him to talk.

HLS Streaming to reach larger Audience

November 9, 2022: EnableX Meeting Application supports HLS Streaming in Webinar. HLS Streaming helps to scale up your reach to a larger audience. Audiences receive best quality video streaming based on available bandwidth at their end. You can define Audience against your Anytime Webinar Room or while scheduling a Webinar. Audiences are to follow a direct Join URL to the Webinar. As soon as the first audience joins, HLS starts automatically and every audience will see the live stream.


October 10, 2022: nableX Introduces Polling feature in its Meeting Application. Moderators can create and manage Polls in-session. They can initiate polling among users to respond within predefined time. Users’ responses are collaged at Moderator end and the result may be shown to everyone.

Screen Share Override

October 10, 2022 : Moderator now can stop an ongoing Screen Share by some other user in a Video Session to allow others to share or present

Annotation Pause & Play

October 10, 2022 : We have updated Low Code Embed with some new sought-after feature. Users can now pause a live video to annotate while audio is carried uninterrupted. Further, you can play video to continue annotating. So, depending on us case, users can annotate on paused and playing video bot.