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How to create Project with Voice Service?

To use Voice Service you need to create a project with Voice Service to it. Unless a Project has Voice Service associated with it, you will not be able to use Voice Service. Further, in case any existing project needs Voice Service, you may need to add Voice Service to it.

Follow these steaps:

  • Login to Portal –
  • Navigate to Projects / Create New Project.
  • Fill in the required information in the Form.
  • Select the “Voice” Service to add to the Project, along with any other Service that you may need to add.

How to add Voice Prompt?

EnableX provides a set of predefined prompts that can be readily used by the subscriber. The user can upload the customized prompts as an “mp3”, “.wav” files that can be assigned to play. Each uploaded file is referred by a unique name, that can be used as a handle during the “Play Prompt command” as mentioned in the section below.

To configure the prompts::

  • Navigate to the Configure prompt through Voice -> Voice-Prompts.
  • If a new prompt is desired, click on “Add new prompt”
  • The system allows us to upload a prompt media file and return a unique identification to play the prompt through the API “Play Prompt” described below.

How to add Phone Number to Project?

To use any voice service (Inbound or Outbound), a phone number is required to be associated with your project. EnableX service has a pool of available shared or dedicated numbers for users on rent. If the phone number you require is not available, you will need to place an order for a number as in Step 1

The voice services are subscribed and configured by logging in to portal.

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Projects > Project Dashboards.
  • Create a new project or select an existing project that needs to have voice services
  • To use a service, you need to add a phone number to project:
  • Navigate to Project Dashboard > voice > Configure > Phone Numbers
  • Click on Add Phone to Project
  • Choose an available (configured) phone number

How to order for new Phone number?

Voice Service needs Phone Number(s) to receive call and to dial-out. You need to purchase Phone Number to use in your Project. EnableX has inventory of phone number of Shared Number and Dedicated Number that you can subscribe. Alternately, you may look to purchase new phone number.

To place an Order to purchase Phone number available in EnableX Inventory or to purchase a new one, please follow the steps show in the Clip below:

How to setup Incoming Call Handler?

If you are writing Service to receive Incoming Call, you need to setup an Incoming Call handler to receive and handle / process it further. You need to configure how a Welcome Prompt be played for the caller, guide through connected time until he is disconnected.

Please follow the steps show in the Clip below: