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Can I change the video resolution for Canvas at run-time?

No, you cannot change the video resolution for Canvas at run-time. This can be configured while initiating Canvas Streaming.

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How to get a full view of Active Talkers instead of a list of Active Talkers?

The key activeviews needs to be supplied value as view in the Roominfo JSON while joining the room. 

  "allow_reconnect": true,
  "number_of_attempts": 3,	// max 3 attempts allowed for reconnect 
  "timeout_interval": 45,	// wait time interval for reconnect 
  "playerConfiguration": {},	// option for player configure
  "activeviews": "view"

This must be done before joining the conference to bring the changes into effect.

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How can I make changes in the video appearance in terms of icons, avatar, and colors?

You can make any changes in the video appearance by updating values in the PlayerConfiguration JSON Raw Body.

PlayerConfiguration = {
     "avatar": false,// To hide Avatar
     "audiomute": false,// To hide Mic Icon
     "videomute": false,// To hide Camera Icon
     "bandwidth": false,// To hide Low bandwidth Icon
     "screenshot": false,// To hide Screen Shot Button
     "iconColor" :"#012e4b"// Icon Color

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Can I share my Desktop using EnableX?

Yes, you can use the screen-sharing feature to share your desktop. EnableX provides EnxRoom.startScreenShare() method to start screen-sharing. 

Refer to the Screen Sharing APIs and Implementation for more details. 

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Can I change the Video resolution of a Room at run-time?

Any changes in the Room configuration can only reflect in the subsequent session.  You can change the video resolution by updating “quality” in the Room JSON Raw Body as shown below: 

HTTP PATCH -H “Authorization: Basic $(echo -ne “: ” | base64 –wrap 0)” \ -H “content-type: application/json” -d ' 
     “name”: “test Room”, “settings”: { 
     “participants”: “6”, “quality”: “SD”, “auto_recording”: true 
}' “”
  • HD quality = 720 p 
  • SD quality = 480 p 
  • LD quality = 240 p 

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What is the use of maxVideoLayer in the Stream property?

To help stream subscribers receive the best video quality subject to the available bandwidth, stream publishers must ensure that their streams carry multiple video layers of different quality. The Auto Bandwidth Detection feature detects the subscriber’s bandwidth and switches to the respective video layer. A local stream can be configured with the following layers by passing the respective value in the maxVideoLayers. 

  • 1 = HD 720p layer only 
  • 2 = HD 720p & SD 480p layers 
  • 3 = HD 720p, SD 480p & LD 240p/180p layers 

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Does EnableX SDK provide mirror property for a video stream?

No, EnableX does not have API support to flip the video horizontally. However, UI developers can achieve this using CSS.  

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What is the Common Aspect Ratio of the Video frame for any stream?

The Common Aspect Ratio of the Video frame is 16:9.

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How can I change the video quality of my Room from SD to HD and vice-versa?

You can update Room Settings in the Room’s JSON Raw Body using our Rest API Service:

HTTP PATCH \ -H "Authorization: Basic $(echo -ne ": " | base64 --wrap 0)" \ -H "content-type: application/json" -d ' 
   "name": "test Room", 
   "settings": { 
   "participants": "6", 
   "quality": "SD", // possible values: SD,HD, and LD 
   "auto_recording": true 
}' ""

Learn more about Configuring a Room here. 

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