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What is the minimum bandwidth required to support EnableX services?

Video Frame Rate and Picture Resolution depends on the bandwidth available at the client endpoint. The table given below shows the mapping between video resolution and required bandwidth to achieve the same: 

Bandwidth requiredVideo Resolution
> 1.2 Mbps720p
600 Kbps -1.2 Mbps480p
200 Kbps – 600 Kbps240p
< 200 KbpsAudio-only mode

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Is there a way to test my network configuration?

You can use EnableX WebRTC Test Tool to test your network configuration.  

Additionally, you can also utilize our Pre-Call API to add network testing functionality to your application.

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Why are my calls getting disconnected repeatedly?

Extreme network fluctuation could be a possible reason for the frequent disconnection of your Application/Browser. If you have enabled auto-reconnection in the Room configuration, then your application will get reconnected when the network connection is established. The connection-reconnection phenomenon continues till the network stabilizes. 

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Why am I constantly getting low bandwidth alerts?

This is an indication of network fluctuation. You will stop receiving alerts once your network stabilizes.  

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What is the minimum bandwidth requirement for a Video Call?

The minimum bandwidth requirement for a video call at any point in time is at least 200kbps.  

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