What is the character limit for SMS text messages?

The standard length for “text” messages is 160. The 160-character limit is set for messages encoded using the GSM-7 character set. Longer messages are split into 153-character ‘segments’ and sent individually, then re-assembled by the recipient’s device. For example, a 161-character message will be sent as two messages: one with 153 characters and a second with eight characters.

If your message includes non-GSM characters (Unicode Characters), such as special characters, or vernacular languages for e.g. Hindi or Chinese script, they are sent using UCS-2 encoding. Length of such messages are limited to 70 characters. Longer messages will be split into 67-character segments.

Using single API Post, you can send up to 1537 characters long message which will in turn be broken into segments. Each message segments are delivered as single SMS. Therefore, you will be billed for each of these “segments” or “parts” sent.

Refer the following table as reference to know how a single message posted using API will be split into multiple segments and get billed for:

API posted GMS Message LengthAPI posted Unicode Message LengthTotal Segments you pay for
1 – 1601 – 701
161 – 30671 – 1342
307 – 459135 – 2013
460 – 612202 – 2684
613 – 765269 – 3355
766 – 918336 – 4026
919 – 1071403 – 4697
1072 – 1224470 – 5368
1225 – 1377537 – 6039

What is SMS Concatenation?

When a long SMS Text Message is sent out in multiple parts, the receiver phone concatenates all these parts to make it readable as a Single SMS.

What is a Short Code?

A short code is a short virtual number that is 5 or 6 digits long. It is mainly used for sending bulk SMS, notification and OTPs. Dedicated short codes is strictly used in a specific country and can be used to send or receive SMS.

What are the benefits of having a Short Code?

Short code allows much higher A2P throughput. However, Short Codes are also more expensive.

Can my existing short-code be ported to EnableX?

You can’t port existing Short Codes to EnableX. You need to procure new Short Codes from EnableX and start using it.

How do I procure a new short-code?

If you want to procure a new short code, you need to place an order for it through EnableX Portal. Our Sales Representatives will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and provide you a quotation.

Upon submission of all documents and once the subscription payment is done, we initiate the order procurement with our providers. Once the order is fulfilled, we add the procured short-code to your account.

How long does it take to order a Short-Code?

A Short Code lead time may take up to one week to 12 weeks.

What is a Sender ID and why its needed?

Sender IDs are required in some countries for the SMS to be delivered. Sender IDs are also used to identify the company or organisation sending the SMS.

  • Alphanumeric Sender IDs, Registration process and Prerequisites
    Certain countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand require Sender ID registration without which SMS sent may be blocked by the local carriers.
  • Country wise requirements for Sender ID registration
    Different countries require slightly different information for Sender ID registration. Information required includes Sender ID, Name of the company, type of business, purpose of message, sample message content, company website, business license, registration form.
  • Charges for registering dedicated Sender IDs
    EnableX will advise if there are any fees.

Can we send dynamic content while sending SMS to overseas countries?

Yes, we can send dynamic SMS content to specific countries as per the country regulations in place in that country.