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In which Programming Languages are the Code Samples available?

We provide Code Samples in various programming languages for different platforms, as shown below:

  • For Android: Java/Kotlin 
  • For iOS: Swift 
  • For Web: NodeJS/PHP/Laravel/Python/VueJS 
  • For Hybrid: React Native 

Refer to our GitHub Repository for Sample Codes.

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Can I run the Sample Application on HTTP?

No, WebRTC is not supported on HTTP. You can run a sample application on HTTPS only. 

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Can I try the Sample Application on localhost?

No, WebRTC is not supported on localhost anymore.  

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How to generate SSL Certificates for testing a Sample Application?

Your Application Server must run on a secured Web Server; hence, use a valid SSL certificate for your domain and use it to configure your Web Service to make your domain accessible on HTTPS. 

Alternatively, you may also use a self-signed certificate to run the Application Server. Some of the websites that generate self-signed certificates are: 

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Can I build a Desktop Application using EnableX?

You can use hybrid frameworks like Electron and develop Desktop applications using EnableX Web SDK

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Do you provide SDK for Windows Desktop Applications?

We do not provide SDK for Windows Desktop Applications as of now. However, you can use Hybrid frameworks like Electron and develop Desktop Applications using EnableX Web SDK

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Do you provide Group Calling/Conferencing functionality?

Yes, we support One-to-One calling as well as Conferencing.  

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Can I get a Video Call demo?

  • You can try a Quick Video Call Demo to assess EnableX Video performance. 
  • Sign up with Demo Zone to access demo applications covering various use-cases of EnableX solutions and learn to integrate EnableX into your application. 
  • You can also check out our Sample Applications in GitHub as per your technical requirements that will provide you an insight into the implementation details. 

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Do you have Code Samples available?

Yes, we provide code samples for Web, Android, iOS, and Hybrid applications in different programming languages.  

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