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Which platforms are supported for Video Chat?

We support Video Chat APIs for Web, Android & IOS platforms.

Which browsers are supported by EnableX for video and voice calling?

  • On the client side, EnableX supports Advanced Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  • For mobile devices, EnableX provides SDKs for iOS and Android.
  • EnableX needs min Android version as: V 4.4
  • EnableX needs min Android version as: iOS 10

The following is a table showing which browsers are supported by EnableX on which platforms:

Device / BrowserChromeSafariFirefoxMS EdgeiOS AppAndroid App

Which platforms support Screen Sharing?

ScreenShareChrome v72+SafariFirefoxEdge
UbuntuYes Yes 
AndroidReceive Only Yes 
IOS 12+N/AReceive Only  

What are the languages supported for Video Chat sample codes?

  • For Android: Java/Kotlin
  • For IOS: Swift
  • For Web: NodeJS/PHP/Laravel/Python/VueJS
  • For Hybrid: React Native

Refer our Repository for Sample Codes

What is the size of EnableX SDK for IOS and Android?

EnableX SDKs for Android and iOS are light weight. Released on April 1, 2020, Android SDK v1.5.6 is of 879KB whereas iOS SDK v1.5.6 is of 546KB.