The Server API Response Codes are specified in the table below:

0Successful Transaction
10000Application not found
10001URL Parameter Missing: room_id
10002 Required Data Missing: name (Room Name)
10003 Invalid Value: settings.scheduled
10004 Required Data Missing: settings.scheduled_time
10005Invalid Date/Time Format: settings.scheduled_time
10006 Illegible Date/Time: settings.scheduled_time
10007 Invalid Value: settings.participants
10008 Invalid Value: settings.auto_recording
10009 Unrecognized Key of settings
10010 Required Data Missing: owner_ref
10011 Invalid Value: settings.duration
10012 Invalid Value: settings.active_talker
10013 Invalid Value: settings.wait_moderator
10014 Invalid Value: settings.quality
10015 Required Data Missing: sip.uri
10016 Invalid Value: settings.adhoc
10017Illegible Value: settings.adhoc
10018 Illegible Parameter. Not valid one for this Room Type
10019 Invalid Value: settings.mode
10020 Illegible Parameter: settings.mode
10021 Room Quality higher than App Quality not permitted
10022 Invalid Value: settings.moderators
10023 Illegible Value: settings.moderators
10024 Illegible value settings.peep
10025 Illegible value settings.knock
10026 Invalid SIP URI Value: settings.aor
10030 Denied Update request on active room
10106 Illegible Request. Room Type update not allowed
40001 Room not found
50000 Internal Server Error
50001 Failed to create Room
50002Failed to fetch list of Rooms
50003 Failed to get Room Information
50004 Failed to delete Room
50005 Failed to get user list for the room
10000 Application not found
10101 Required JSON Key Missing: name (User Name)
10102 Required JSON Key Missing: user_ref
10103Required JSON Key Missing: role
10104 Invalid Value: role
10105 Server Busy
10111 Token denied. Conference is over
10112 Token denied. Beyond Permissible Cut-Off Time
10112 Token denied. Room is not active
10114 Token denied. Room is full
40001 Room not found
40002 Token denied. Unauthorized
10201 URL Parameter Missing: from_date
10202 URL Parameter Missing: to_date
10203 URL Parameter Missing: room-id
10204 Reason URL Parameter Missing: conf-num (Conference Number)