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How is the pricing for live streaming calculated?

The pricing is calculated based on Total Participant Minutes (number of participants * duration of the call) * $0.004.

Please send an email to [email protected] for any pricing-related inquiry.

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On what basis would I be billed? Does EnableX bill per minute or per second?

The time at which the user is successfully connected to a room till the time at which the user gets disconnected from the room is billed on a per-minute basis. The billing rate is applicable to each user in the room individually.

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How are the recording minutes charged?

The Billable Recording Minutes is the sum of the time spent by each participant in a call. For example, the Total Billable Recording Minutes for a 30-minute call with 5 participants is:

Billable Recording Minutes = 30 (Duration of Call) * 5 (Number of Participants) = 150 minutes.

Here it is to be noted that all calls are recorded as individual streams by default. For a composite stream, transcoding is required that is chargeable. Transcoding is charged on the basis of the total duration of the call irrespective of the number of participants. So, in the above example, transcoding will be charged for 30 minutes only. The total duration of the call is calculated as the in-time for the first participant to enter the call and the out-time for the last participant to leave the call.

The recorded files are available at no extra cost for download in a maximum of 72 hours from the time of creation and it’s automatically deleted from the system after 72 hours. If you want us to store the recording for longer, the same can be facilitated at a monthly fee per GB.

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How do I calculate participant minutes?

Participant minutes are calculated as the time (in minutes) spent by each participant in a call and Total Participant Minutes is the sum of the time spent by each participant in the call. For example, the total participant minutes for 5 participants in a 30-minute call is as given below:

Total Participant Minutes = 5 (Number of participants) * 30 (Duration of the Call) = 150 minutes.

The system captures the participant start time and disconnect time as the time when they get connected and disconnected to the room respectively.

If a participant is disconnected midway in the call and re-joins, the system makes two entries in the conference report.

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Can I get detailed call logs for all the sessions conducted?

Yes, you can get the Call Detail Report (CDR) for all the sessions conducted in a room through a Rest API call as shown below:

Authorization: Basic XXXXXXX

Learn more about How to fetch CDR with more filtering options.

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How can I fetch session usage data for a given time period?

Use the following Rest API Get request call to fetch desired CDR for a period:

Authorization: Basic XXXXXXX

You may also fetch CDR for:

Learn How to fetch CDR in detail here

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How can I retrieve session usage data?

You can get the session usage data of your room via rest API call as shown below:

Authorization: Basic XXXXXXX

Alternatively, you can download the summary of your session CDR from the Portal Dashboard.

Read more about Video API Call Detail Report (CDR).

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