Enhance video conversations with face analysis and emotion recognition AI. Meant for all types of web and mobile applications, you can easily embed our API to build innovative and engaging customer experience.

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EnableX introduces FaceAI; the fastest, lightest and complete Facial Expression Analysis and Emotion Recognition AI; that works on the Client End Point / device within any HTML5 Web-browser on Mobile or Desktop and in Webview inside Mobile View. FaceAI doesn’t require any external plug-in or App to carry out analysis. Further, as FaceAI SDK works right on Client End, none of your personal data goes to a Server.

How it works?

FaceAI SDK is easy to use, thus you can quickly integrate into your application.

  • Download FaceAI SDK related to your Application’s platform.
  • Use it in your Application that uses EnableX Video. FaceAI analyses streams of EnableX Video Sessions.
  • FaceAI fires events at an average rate of 10 times per second on Mobile Devices, and up to 30 per second on desktop.
  • Data output received on these events is ready-to-use, readily filtered for your convenience. You may customize Parameter values in order to have a smoother or RAW output for more deep integration into your Application’s code base.
  • You may store all data produced in local memory, in local storage or send it to your server for storing in Database.