The EnableX iOS SDK is for developing Native RTC Applications for iOS Devices. The SDK has all the methods to interface with EnableX Signaling Server and Media Servers and to listen to event based notifications during a session.

Released: June 24 2021

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How to use iOS SDK?

The EnxiOS directory contains the EnxRTCiOS.framework iOS SDK, Add this framework in your project. The EnxRTCiOS iOS SDK is supported by  iOS 10 or higher. XCode 9 and later.

  • Install CocoaPods as described in CocoaPods Getting Started.
  • In Terminal, go to project directory and run pod init
  • To integrate EnxRTCiOS into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify pod name EnxRTCiOS.
  • After adding all required library in PodFile go to terminal and run pod Install
  • Reopen your project in Xcode using the new .xcworkspace file.


To use EnableXiOS SDK, please add  GoogleWebRTC and Socket.IO-Client-Swift(15.0.0 in your project with the following pod names:

'GoogleWebRTC', '~> 1.1.29229’
'Socket.IO-Client-Swift', '~> 15.0.0' 

Error & Exceptions

iOS SDK method call might face exception cases and fail. In such cases a JSON is returned through Callback. Example of JSON Object given below:

	"errorCode": Number,
	"msg": "String",
	"desc": "String"
  • errorCode– Number. Error Code.
  • msg – String. Error Message.
  • desc – String. Optional. Descriptive explanation of the error.

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