The EnxRoom.dropUser() method allows the Moderator to disconnect/force-drop one or more participant(s) from the Session.

Method: -(void)dropUser:(NSArray *_Nonnull)clientIds;


  • clientIds: Required. Array of Client IDs to be disconnected.

Delegate Methods:

  • -room:didAckDropUser: Acknowledgment to the Moderator when the user is disconnected.
  • -room:didRoomDisconnected: Notification to the affected user with the reason to be disconnected from the Room.
[room dropUser:@[clientIds]];

// Acknowledgment that the user is dropped
(void)room:(EnxRoom *_Nullable)room didAckDropUser:(NSArray *_Nullable)data; 

Error Codes / Exceptions

5116Unauthorized Access. When a user with participant role invokes dropUser()