Availability: iOS SDK v.1.5.6+

The EnxStream.updateConfiguration() method is used to reconfigure a Stream by adding new or updating existing attributes of the Stream. This API is applicable to both Remote and Local Streams.


Method-(void)updateConfiguration:(NSDictionary *_Nonnull) data

Parametersdata– New Stream configuration options Dictionary Object.

 -(void)updateConfiguration:(NSDictionary *_Nonnull) data;

// The data Dictionary object may be like the following
data = {
     @"maxVideoBW": @"900",
     @"minVideoBW": @"150",
     @"maxAudioBW": @"150",

Error Codes / Exceptions

5113Invalid JSON Object passed as parameter.
5114Unable to update Stream when Canvas Streaming is on. Non-Contextual Method Call.