Sample Applications and their source codes are available on Github to enable developers to understand how to build applications using EnableX API. Each of the sample application is developed to showcase a specific use case. Therefore, these applications methods may not cover every aspect of EnableX API, but helps you get started with coding quickly.

Follow Sample Apps listed on Sidebar to get more information about them and access Source Code published on Github.

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Video Applications has 2 components, viz. Application Server & Client End Applications. Some Sample Applications we shared with you have both Application Server & Client End Point Application, whereas others have only Client End Point Application. For you to try out Client End Only Applications, you would also require to get a Application Server Repository.

Demo Application Server

EnableX provides a Demo Application Server to try out Sample Applications. This would require you to configure your applications to point to the Demo Server using your Project’s Credentials. Some Apps come pre-configured to work with Demo Application Server, otherwise, you need to update your App to access Demo Application Server.

  • Demo Server URL:
  • Pass your Credentials as Customer Header to HTTP Request as:
    • x-app-id: Your Application ID
    • x-app-key: Your Application Key

Try a Quick Video Call

You can try out a quick Video Call among 4 people using a hosted Video Call Application to see verify Audio Video Quality of EnbleX Platform.

Sample Apps on Github

We shared Sample Applications on Github covering different use cases. You can go directly to our EnableX Github Page. Alternately, Follow Sample Apps listed on Sidebar of this page to get more information about them and access Source Code published on Github from there.