The following methods provide Stream-related information such as the Stream type, media tracks, state, etc.

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Get Stream ID

The Stream ID of a given Stream can be obtained from its property streamId. The Stream ID is used to identify every Stream, be it a local or a remote stream, a canvas stream, or a screen-share stream.



console.log(stream streamId); // Print Stream ID to browser console 

Verify availability of Media Tracks in Stream

EnxStream class provides the following methods to check the presence of a particular media track in the Stream.

Class: EnxStream


  • To check if Stream has an Audio Track:
    • - (BOOL)hasAudio – No Parameter required.
  • To check if Stream has a Video Track:
    • - (BOOL)hasVideo – No Parameter required.
  • To check if Stream has a Data Track:
    • - (BOOL)hasData – No Parameter required.

Returns: Boolean

if ([stream hasVideo] ) {
     // The Stream has a Video Track in it

// Other methods are also used in the similar manner.

Know if Stream is Local or Remote

The Stream’s property isLocal is used to know if the given Stream is a Local or a Remote Stream.

Class: EnxStream

Property: isLocal – BOOL

if (stream.isLocal) {
     // It's a Local Stream
 else {
     // It's a  Remote Stream

Get Local Stream ID

The publishStreamId property provides the ID of your Local Stream published in the Room.

Class: EnxRoom

Property: NSString publishStreamId

NSString* publishStreamID = room.publishStreamId; 

Get Stream by Stream ID

The streamsByStreamId property provides the Stream information for the given Stream ID.

Class: EnxRoom

Property: NSDictionary streamsByStreamId

NSDictionary* streamsDict = room.streamsByStreamId; // Get Dictionary

EnxStream* stream =  streamsDict[@"StreamID"];  // Get specific Stream Object

Get list of Remote Streams

The remoteStreams property provides the list of Remote Streams available in the Room.

Class: EnxRoom

Property: NSArray remoteStreams

NSArray* remoteStreams = room.remoteStreams;