The EnxRoom Class provides the following methods to access various room-related information.

Table of Contents

Get Room ID

The roomID property provides the ID of the Room you are connected to. The Room ID is assigned to each Room during Room Creation.

Class: EnxRoom

Property: roomId

NSString* roomID= room.roomId; 

Get Room Meta Information

The roomMetadata property provides the Meta Information of the Room to which you are connected. The Room Meta information JSON payload contains the complete Room definition along with many run-time parameters with their current values and room-stats of connected users and streams. All the endpoints receive this information through - room:didConnect: delegate method after getting connected to the Room. Some of the run-time parameters are updated internally by the SDK on various events.

Class: EnxRoom

property: roomMetadata

NSDictionary* roomMeta = room.roomMetadata;

Get Client ID of the connected User

The clientId property provides the Client ID of the connected endpoint. The Client ID is unique for each user connected to the Room for the session.

Class: EnxRoom

Method: clientId

NSString* ClientId = room.clientId; 

Get Name of the connected User

The clientName property provides the name of the user connected through the Client endpoint.

Class: EnxRoom

Method: clientName

NSString* ClientName = room.clientName; 

Get Role of the connected User

The userRole property provides the role of the user connected to the Room for the session, either Moderator or Participant.

Class: EnxRoom

Method: userRole

NSString* role = room.userRole;

Get Information of the connected User

The EnxRoom.whoami() method provides the complete User Meta Information of the connected user.

Class: EnxRoom

Method: - (NSDictionary)Whoami;

Returns: User Meta Information JSON object.

NSDictionary* myinfo = [room Whoami]; 

Get list of connected Users

The userList property provides a list of users connected to the Room.

Class: EnxRoom

Property: NSArray userList

(NSArray)Users = room.getUserList()

// Return JSON Users
          "clientId": "",             // Unique Client ID assigned by EnableX
          "name": "",                 // User's name
          "user_ref": "",             // User's Reference
          "role": "participant",      // Enum: moderator, participant
          "permissions": {            // In-Session Permission of User
          "publish": Boolean,         // Whether user can pubish local stream
          "subscribe": Boolean,       // Whether user can subscribe remote streams
          "record": Boolean,          // Whether user can initiate recording
          "stats": Boolean,           // Whether user can view stream status
          "controlhandlers": Boolean