Table of Contents

Waiting Lobby

The Waiting Lobby feature helps you to create an user experience for waiting participants before they could be allowed into the Video Room. Video Embed supports Query String Parameters to define Background Music, Image Slideshow, Text Carousel and Video Play on the Lobby. [ Read more… ]

Virtual Background

User may now use Virtual Background or a Blurred Background for their Video Stream published into the Room. A Portal Tool helps you to build a Image Library to support Image Replacement for the Background. [ Read more… ]


Co-Browsing helps Moderator to co-browse Web Pages with Participants. To enable Co-Browsing, you must make your Webpages ready for Co-Browsing by adding a Code-Snippet into the Webpages. A Portal Tool helps you to add the URLs to made them available in the Conference UI which can be shared with Participants to co-browse. [ Read more…]