Pre-Configured App Template, Leader View, Mode Switch and more…

Dec 3, 2021Easier Setup: Video Embed is no longer an independent Service, It’s part of Video Project now. EnableX introduces simplified Video Embed Setup Workflow with Pre-configured App Templates to choose from to help quicker setup. The Chosen Template may be edited through Visual Builder to do more and do it right for the Application. [ Read updated setup workflow ]

Previously setup Video Embeds will be available under Vide / Settings menu.

New Features: Further, EnableX introduced few features new features on the Embed to opt through Visual Builder.

  • Switch Room Mode; This is available under Settings Pullout. Moderator can switch between Group Conference and Webinar Mode on live-sessions.
  • Leader View: Apart from Gallery View of Video Grid, you may opt for Leader View through Visual Builder. If you opt for both Gallery and Leader View for Video Grid, you can opt for Default View with which the conference starts with a Switch-over button at Top bar to toggle between both views.
  • New Query String Parameters: Introduced to control Top Bar and its UI Elements.

Device Access Issue with Mobility Integration: EnableX tries to address Device Access Issues with Embed used in WebView in Android/iOS Apps through different steps to follow in App Setup process. [ Read More… ]

Communicating with Video Embed

Nov 18, 2021 – EnableX introduces a communication channel between IFRAME Embed and Parent Window. This will enable Application Developers with a tool of engagement with Embed in-session to create UI/UX. This will help them to execute predefined action-execution in Embed from Parent and get notified about status and events happening in Embed. [ Read more… ]

Waiting Lobby Decorations through Query String Parameters

Oct 14, 2021 – EnableX introduces a lobby decorations through Query String Parameters. Using Query String Support, you can define a Textual and Image Slideshow, Play a Background Music and play a Video. The Image, Music & Video File must be external fully qualified URLs. [ Know Parameters… ]