• Date of Release: August 7, 2020

Table of Contents


Improved Media Quality on Low Bandwidth

 Significant improvement of Media Quality in low bandwidth conditions with appropriate resolution handling based on available Bandwidth.

9 Active Talker Support

Active Talker Support in a Session has been i increased from 6 Streams to 9 Streams.

Increased Moderator in Lecture Mode

Moderator definition has been increased to 8 Moderators from 5 in Lecture Mode.

Optional Screen Share

Screen Share may need to be enabled or disabled explicitly while defining a Room. To have backward compatibility, if its not defined explicitly screen share will be made available to the room by default.

New Features

Live Streaming Support in Video Room

EnableX now supports RTMP Live Streaming Support of Video Sessions to reach out to a much larger audience.

Screen Share using Android & iOS SDK

Using EnableX Android & iOS SDK you may not initiate Screen Share Therefore any native application developed using Android SDK may have Screen Share capability.


  • Android SDK: New Parameter added in makeOutboundCall API
  • Max moderator support in lecture mode to 8
  • Implemented mixer for voice gateway

Bug Fixes

  • Crash fixes and race condition handling
  • Fixes for upcoming Chrome, Fiefox, Safari releases
  • Web Toolkit Room Disconnect Error fixed.
  • Android SDK: Fixes audio issue while app in the background.