How can I set up my IVR for Incoming Calls?

EnableX provides flexibility to handle incoming calls. A webhook is triggered when the DTMF digit is received. EnableX also provides API to play the prompt. For example, the developer can wait for a digit to be pressed, and if “5” is pressed, it will play the prompt and go to the next level.

Refer to the API Reference to build the complete IVR system based on these two interfaces.

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Can I have a Custom Greeting for Incoming calls?

EnableX allows the user to play a custom greeting for an incoming call. To do so, you need to upload the custom prompt from the Main Menu > Voice > Prompts and configure the prompt for the incoming call.

Users can upload the customized prompts as a “.wav” file to assign and play. Each uploaded file is referred by a unique name that can be used as a handle during the “Play Prompt command”.

Steps to use configured prompt for the incoming call:

  • Navigate to the Project > Configure Voice > Incoming Call
  • Assign the desired prompt
  • The system allows to upload a prompt media file and returns a unique identification to play the prompt via an API

Check out the How To section for the quick tutorial.

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