Why there is a surcharge for calling phones in EEA region?

Calling to Landline or Mobile phones in the EEA region attracts an additional surcharge over applicable call rates unless the calls are made using a local Virtual Number for that country as the CLI. In order to avoid this surcharge, it is recommended to purchase a dedicated Virtual Number from each specific EEA country that you will be making outbound voice calls to.

Please connect with your Account Manager or Customer Support for more details on the surcharge.

List of countries where Non-EEA surcharge is applied listed below:

Sl.ISO CodeCountry Name
6CZCzech Republic

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Can I set a billing rate for my customers using voice services and see a report based on the calls/ hour that they have taken?

Yes, reporting is available, and you can set billing rates for a particular number.

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What are the billing methods for voice services?

The elements of cost for Voice services are dependent on the country where the voice calls are needed to terminate. The cost elements below may apply depending upon each unique country.

  • Set Up Cost: This is the cost for setting up a Voice Number, whether I/C or O/G, depending upon whether the number is a Mobile Number, landline or toll-free number.
  • Monthly Rental: This is the monthly rental for the requisite number that is used for making/receiving calls
  • Usage Cost: This is the usage cost of making calls, which is dependent upon the country, type of number called etc.

All these costs are deducted from your ENABLEX Wallet, which must be topped up sufficiently to ensure that the charges are covered by the available balance.

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What is the pricing to send pre-recorded message in voice services?

Pre-recorded messages are charged similar to outgoing voice calls, on a per minute basis, depending upon the country, type of number (mobile/fixed line) etc.

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How do you charge for Voice Calls Recordings?

In addition to the charges for call connections, voice recordings are charged per minute as well as a storage fee.

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How will I be charged for Voice and Bridging calls?

EnableX voice calls are charged per minute. The clock starts ticking once the call is connected. The pricing are detailed on our portal. Note that the pricing differs for different countries and will also varies depending if you are calling a fixed or mobile termination number How will I be charged for bridging calls?

For Bridging:

Say an end user is calling to your purchased number N in Country A and you intend to bridge a call terminating in Country B. The cost components are as follows:

  • Rental for your purchased number N will be $X per month. This will be charged monthly even if you are not using your purchased number to make or receive any calls.
  • For a tolled number, when end users calling into your purchased number N, you will be charged $Y/min.
  • When the call is bridged to Country B, there will be an additional charge per minute for an outgoing rate to Country B according to the pricing on our portal.

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