This Sample Application is used for basic Text Chat / Messaging using EnableX Server API and Client Tool Kits with different platforms. This Application allows users to sing-in to a Session to send Text-Chat messages among themselves.

The main purpose of this Application is to demonstrate to the developers the use of EnableX APIs by configuring & hosting on their own server.


  • RTC Sessions hosted on EnableX platform run on supported set of web browsers without the need of any additional plugin.
  • Video Applications has 2 components, viz. Application Server & Client End Applications. Some Sample Applications we shared with you have both Application Server & Client End Point Application, whereas others have only Client End Point Application. For you to try out Client End Only Applications, you would also require to get a Application Server Repository.
  • EnableX provides a Demo Application Server to try out this Sample Application. This would require you to configure your application to point to the Demo Server using your Project’s Credentials. Know how to use Demo Server.

Client End Point Applications- Using Android & iOS SDKs

Following Repositories have Client End Point Application only, developed with EnableX Android & iOS SDK (For native Application Development on respective platforms). You need to use one Server Application too quoted below to run this Application.

Application Servers

Following Repositories have Application Servers. They also have clinet, but you don’t need it for this use case. You need to use the Application Server only along with Client End Application given above.