You will find here the steps / processes involved in setting up a Web Client using EnableX Server API and Web SDK to get your first video call going!

We will guide you through the following topics to help you understand and code get your first basic Video Application

Lesson#1 Video Application Architecture

Know how to architect your Video Application. Get explained about the main components needed to develop a Video Application.

Lesson#2 Pre-Requisites for Video Application

Here are all the things you must know and must have before WebRTC based Video Application Development.

Lesson#3 Setup Video Application Server

A Video Application needs the support of an Application Server for provisioning of video rooms, to control video room entry and reporting needs.

Lesson#4 SDK Basics

Video SDK facilitates Video Communications between EnableX Server and Client Endpoint Applications. Wide Range of SDKs available for developing Web Browser-based Apps, Mobile Native and Hybrid Apps

Lesson#5 Code Basic Video Client End Point Application

Video Communication is conduced on User Interfaces of a Client End Application. To create Apps for Desktop/Mobile Browser or to develop Mobile Video Applications, you need to use related SDKs. Know all basics of creating a Client End Application with basic Video Communication.

Lesson#6 Use Advance Features to Video Application

To meet your business needs, your Video Application might require many other features, UX in-session which are beyond basic video communications. EnableX Video offers you APIs to add many advance level features into your Application.

Lets get started to explore. First lesson first…

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