Use EnableX Server API, a RESTful API Service, within your application for the provision and management of rooms, obtaining a Token to get connected and to retrieve post-call reports and archives.

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Use App ID and App Key

The EnableX Server API uses HTTP basic authentication process. You will need to use the application credentials (App ID and App Key) and pass these as username and password respectively for the HTTP basic authentication process.

Server APIs communicate (request & response) through the use of  JSON. Therefore, each Server API request must have the following 2 additional headers:

Authorization: Basic BASE64_AppID:AppKey 
Content-Type: application/json 

Example: Server API Call using Node.JS

var APP_ID     = "Your_APP_ID"; 
var APP_KEY    = "Your_APP_KEY"; 
var API_HOST   = ""; 
var API_PATH   = "/video/v1/rooms/"; 

var options = { 
      host: API_HOST, 
      path: API_PATH, 
      method: 'GET', 
      headers: { 
         'Content-Type': 'application/json', 
         'Authorization': 'Basic '+ btoa(APP_ID+':'+APP_KEY) 
 var request = https.request(options, function(response) { 
     // Handle response

Create New Room

To establish any RTC session on EnableX, you will require a Room. All participants will connect to a specified Room and publish their own audio-video stream as well as subscribe to other participants’ streams to see and hear one another.

Please refer online documentation to know detailed explanations of API Call with its JSON Payload.

Create Token

A Client End Point needs a Token to connect to a Room to establish a RTC session. Your Application Server will make use of the  Server API to create Token for a Room and pass it on to the End-Point. Once a Token is received, the End-Point may connect to a specified Room and establish a RTC session.

How to create Token?

  • Client End Point should initiate a request for Token to your Application Service, either using a Service API Call (created by you) or through Socket to your Application Server depending on how you have designed your application.
  • Application Server generates a “Create Token” request using EnableX Server API Call.
  • When your Application Server receives the Token from EnableX, it passes it to the Client.

Characteristics of Token

  • A Token is created only for a given Room-ID.
  • A Token decides your role within a session, i.e. Moderator or a Participant. A Moderator is the Organiser who will have additional control over the session like start/stop recording, hard mute/unmute room, drop/eject participant from the room or end the session.
  • Tokens are transactional. Every time you want to connect to the same room you would require a new Token.
  • A Token can be used only once.
  • Tokens have a 15 minutes lifetime within which it must be used to connect to a Room.

Get list of Rooms

You may get a list of Rooms to carry out other operations like PATCH & DELETE on each individual Room.

Please refer to online documentation to know detailed explanations of API Call,

Get Room Information

You may get information about a given Room using a GET request HTTP GET API Call

Please refer to online documentation to know detailed explanations of API Call.

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