An Application Server is needed for provisioning, work-flow automation and reporting needs. It uses Video Server API for provisioning and reporting needs; also may be used to receive notification on a Web–hook URL for process automation.

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A publicly accessible Secured Web Server hosted on https acts as an Application Server for provisioning, hosting Video Session Web Pages, reporting and handling notifications on Webhook URL. You may use any Web Server and Language as per prefer.

Video Server API

For provisioning and reporting needs; you will be using our Rest API Service called Video Server API. These APIs are called from your Application Server only.

Provisioning Needs

The most basic requirement to get into any Video Session is to create a Video Room. A user just needs a Token to join a Video Session in the Video Room. The user can join a Video Session using a Client End Application through Web Browser or Mobile App using this token.

You can create different rooms as per your business requirement. Depending on the room definition, you can use a room once or multiple times to do Video Session.

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Reporting Needs

Your application may need data about the past Video Sessions. EnableX provides API to get Call Detail Report (CDR) containing data of each users connected to a Video Sessions, to get Recording & Chat File access etc.

Its highly recommended that you get Session Data from EnableX and save into your own Information System for any kind of data manipulation and reporting/visualization needs.

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A Web Hook URL is used to send real-time notifications of various meeting-related and post-processing events via JSON Payload format. Using the Web Hook URL, EnableX sends notifications through an HTTP POST request.

Create a URL to use a Webhook against your EnableX Video Project. Read more…

Automation Needs

Webhook helps in automating workflow of your Application so that EnableX and your Application works as a integrated system.

Let’s know how it may help in automation workflow?

  1. You get notified when a Video Session ends. Instantly you may call API to get CDR reports and update your Information System.
  2. You get notified when recording files are ready for delivery. Instantly, you may download those files programmatically and update your information system to play recorded videos right from your own server.