For debugging purposes, you can get live statistics of each stream you are playing at any end-point, be it a local stream or subscribed stream. The following information for each stream is displayed using a Overlay over respective player:

  • For Local Streams
    • Transmission Bandwidth
    • Video Resolution
  • For Subscribed Streams
    • Receiving Bandwidth
    • Video Resolution
    • Available Bandwidth for Remote User
    • Packet Loss

Method: static Future<void> enableStats (bool enableStats)


  • @param bool enableStats: Boolean. Use true to enable Statistics display, false to disable.

Event Listeners:

  • onAcknowledgeStats – It notifies user that webRTC stats are enabled successfully
  • onReceivedStats – It notifies all the webRTC stats received
EnxRtc.enableStats(true);	// Enable Stats

EnxRtc.onAcknowledgeStats = (Map<dynamic,dynamic> map) {

EnxRtc. onReceivedStats = (Map<dynamic,dynamic> map) {