The subscribeForTalkerNotification() method allows you to receive notification for the talkers in the Room or the participants acting as a source of the noise. You can utilize this method for UI display or for debugging. Note that the list of talkers received could be longer than the Active Talkers list, because Active Talkers list received with onActiveTalkersUpdated callback is limited to the max_active_talkers setting of the Room.


Method: static Future<void> subscribeForTalkerNotification(bool isTalkerNotification)


  • isTalkerNotification: Boolean. Set to true to subscribe to Talker Notification and false to unsubscribe.


  • onAckSubscribeTalkerNotification – Acknowledgment to the subscriber when Talker Notification subscribed successfully.
  • onAckUnsubscribeTalkerNotification – Acknowledgment to the subscriber when Talker Notification unsubscribed successfully.
  • onTalkerNotification – Notification to the subscriber received with JSON Object carrying the details of users from whom speech or sound is detected.
EnxRtc.subscribeForTalkerNotification(true);   // To subscribe
EnxRtc.subscribeForTalkerNotification(false);  // To unsubscribe

EnxRtc.onAckSubscribeTalkerNotification=(Map<dynamic,dynamic> map){
// Acknowledgement on Talker Subscription
EnxRtc.onAckUnsubscribeTalkerNotification=(Map<dynamic,dynamic> map){

// Acknowledgement on Talker Unsubscription
EnxRtc.onTalkerNtification=(Map<dynamic,dynamic> map){
// Receive Talker Notification on Subscription

Error Codes / Exceptions:

5128Repeated subscription request call while a previous request is in process.
5129Repeated unsubscription request call while a previous request is in process.
5130Talker Notification already subscribed.
5131Illegible attempt to unsubscribe Talker Notification without subscribing first.