The following are the error codes returned along with the individual error messages. These error codes will help you debug

Result CodeDescription
6101Voice service not subscribed
6110Application not found
6111Call is not established
6112Call is in bridged mode, can’t play media
6113Error in creating bridge
6114Failed to add channel to bridge
6115Failed to play voice menu on the bridge
6116External Media Request Failed
6117Voice not supported for text-to-speech conversion
6118Phone number not found for the service
6119Failed to start recording on bridge
6120Error during text to speech conversion
6121TTS request failed
6122Play request pending
6123Failed playing text-to-speech on Media Channel
6124Invalid Parameter for Outbound Call
6125Text-to-speech Request failed
6126Text-to-speech Request failed
6127Text-to-speech Request failed
6128Text-to-speech request is longer than the allowed limit of 1024 Characters
6129Number of text-to-speech request has exceeded the quota or rate of requests allowed for your subscription
6130Network or Server Side Issue
6131Invalid Parameter for Outbound Call
6132Error while answering an incoming call
6133There is no service associated with the inbound number
6134Not able to connect to Voice server
6135Invalid parameter for record request
6136Recording format specified is not supported on the system
6137Recording Name already Exist on the system
6138Resource for recording not found
6139Not able to stop the recording
6140Caught Error while fetching recording file
6141SIP Gateway service unavailable
6142Wallet balance check failed
6143Speech Was Not recognized
6144Speech Recognition Cancelled by user
6145Speech Recognition Cancelled due to End of Stream
6146Speech Recognition Cancelled due to error
400Bad Request
401Basic Authorization header not found
404Resource not found. Details of resource will be added in the json body
405Method Not Allowed
407Auth Token Wrong/Not Found
500Internal Server Error
511More Authentication Required