Dial-In Route is to give you details of Dial-In Phone Numbers connected to your Account

Table of Contents

Get List of Dial-In Phone Numbers

Availability: v1.5.3+

This API Route gives you a list of Dial-In phone numbers configured with your Account and SIP Service Configuration infomration.

  • API Route: https://api.enablex.io/video/v2/dialin/
  • HTTP Request: GET

Request Example

GET https://api.enablex.io/video/v2/dialin/  
Authorization: Basic XXXXXXX

Response JSON

	“_id”: “Object ID”, 
	“app_key”: “XOXO”, 
	“settings”: {                                      
		“sip”: true
	“sip”: {
		“server_url”: “sip://xoxo:PORT”, 
		“username”: “String”, 
		“password”: “String”, 
		“sig_servers”: [“String”],	/* Multiple Signal Server IP/URL */ 
		“media_servers”: [“String”]	/* Multiple Media Server IP/URL */ 
	“dialin”: [				/* Array of Phone Numbers */
			“country”: “String”, 
			“country_code”: “String”, 
			“phone”: "String"
			“toll”: false		/* false = Tollfree */