The method allows you to play any Stream in an HTML5 audio or video player within HTML DOM. This creates a related audio/video HTML tag within the given HTML DOM Element ID to play the video or audio.

Class: EnxStream

Method:, PlayerOpt)


  • DOMElementID – DIV ID in which the Player is drawn.
  • PlayerOpt – Configurable Player options. Refer Appendix for the complete list.
// Configure Desired Player Options
var PlayerOpt = {
     player: {
         'height': '150px',
         'width': '100%',
         'minHeight': 'inherit',
         'minWidth': 'inherit'
     toolbar: {
         displayMode: false,
         branding: {
             display: false
 };"PlayerDiv",  PlayerOpt);

Stop Playing Video

The EnxStream.stop() method allows you to stop playing Audio/Video Stream in the HTML5 player.

Class: EnxStream

Method: EnxStream.stop() – No parameter required.