If you like to re-configure your stream by adding new or udpating existing specification parameters of a stream. Please use window.EnxRtc.updateConfiguration() method to update the parameters of a stream. Both remote and local streams can use this method of updating the stream parameters.

MethodupdateConfiguration( configurationOptions, successCallback, errorCallback )


  • @param {JSON} configurationOptions
  • @param {CallableFunction} successCallback
  • @param {CallableFunction} errorCallback
var videoQualityOptions = {
maxVideoBW: “900”,
minVideoBW: “150”,
maxAudioBW: “150”,
minAudioBW: “150”
window.EnxRtc.updateConfiguration(configuarationOptions,function (data) {
console.log('Excelsior success! ' + JSON.stringify(data.data));
}, function (err) {
console.log('Uh oh… error' + JSON.stringify(err));