What’s New In EnableX Low Code Video Embed: Multiple Language Support & Much More

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EnableX Tech Team is back with a bagful of new features and functionalities for you! As you’ve seen, we roll out exciting features from time to time to transform your live video experience. This month is no different. We’ve released a host of new features to spice up the EnableX Low Code Video Embed 

Get ready to make the most of the cool features, such as support for additional languages including English, French & German, screen-sharing with an active talker view, and improved recording layouts.

For those of you craving more flexibility in building a video calling app, the latest updates are just what the doctor ordered.


Multiple Language Support in Low Code Video Embed

In teams with members from far corners of the world, participants naturally speak different languages. So, there’s a communication barrier. That’s where the multiple language support steps in. EnableX now supports the Low Code Video solution in English, German and French. So, the developers can implement the UI with the language of their choice.


Better Granular Control & Flexibility in Low Code Video Embed

Users in the low code platforms often complain that they don’t have enough flexibility and customization options. That’s not the case with EnableX Video Embed!  

It now has a Webhook Function Framework that enables you to extend your video application & add new 3rd party features, and functionalities, and update the existing features and UI/UX. For example, if you want to add Speech to Text functionality or add alert/notifications on the basis of video session activity, you can do it with ease now. Basically, you get better granular control and extensibility.


Annotations in Low Code Video Embed

Looking for a more powerful collaboration feature? With EnableX Video Embed, developers can add the annotations feature that works on a local stream, remote stream, and screen sharing. Your users can now take notes, draw on the shared video stream and can do many more things.  

This unique capability is available exclusively on EnableX low code platform and is leveraged for remote support/field services etc.


Improved Recording Layout in Low Code Video Embed

Low Code Video Embed now has an improved recording file layout for live recording. It can record a session using the same UI as a participant would see in a browser on a desktop or laptop.  

Basically, the browser view of the Low-Code Video is used for recording. You need to get this feature enabled in your Account through the Sales Team or Account Manager.


Recording with Watermark in Low Code Video Embed

The Video Watermark option can now be added quickly using the Low Code Video Embed solution. Watermarkrelated configuration options can be done via the portal.


More Background Images in Low Code Video Embed

We have added an option to use a background image on the session UI. Configuration options are available through Query String Parameters.


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